Multi-Functional Garden Room – Essex

A multi-functional garden room is the perfect way to create a dynamic space that can be adapted to any need that you may have. This garden room is equipped with a kitchen, utility room and bathroom!

Modern Garden Room Gym – Ongar, Essex

Have you ever wanted your own private sauna and gym? This garden room gym is simply incredible, with a small sauna and plenty of space to workout – it even includes a shower room!

Prestige Garden Room – Hutton Mount, Essex

This prestige garden room is a stunning addition to this garden, featuring a jacuzzi, workout space and stand-up desk. A bespoke garden room that meets all of our client’s needs!

Garden Gym – Epping Dene, Essex

Hawksbeck completed this small garden gym project for our clients in Epping Dene, Essex, so they could workout during the pandemic.

Small Garden Room – Loughton, Essex

This stunning small garden room project was completed by the Hawksbeck team in Loughton, creating a small garden office for our clients.

Bespoke Garden Room – Loughton, Essex

This stunning garden room is a multi-functional space which allows our client to have a space to store their mountain bikes, and have a spacious office to work from home, with a small W/C too.

Luxury garden room bar

Garden Room Bar – Woodford, London

This is one of the first private bars we have created in a garden room, with a gorgeous deep blue finish and a small ensuite. This relaxed space is perfect for sharing a drink with friends and family in Woodford, London.

Luxury large garden room and gym

Home Garden Gym – Stapleford Abbots, Essex

An industrial-style garden gym, built for our clients in Stapleford Abbots, Essex. This garden room had custom made mirrors fitted on the walls, and a small shower room installed to create the perfect gym environment.

contemporary garden room in Essex

Garden Gym & Swimming Pool Room, Shenfield

A gorgeous swimming pool annexe from our Modern range, giving our clients the space to workout and enjoy their garden! With Composite Cladding, this garden room stands out from the rest and makes a statement in this Essex garden.

multi-functional garden room in Essex

Multi-Functional Office, Gym & Relaxed Garden Room, Brentwood

A dynamic garden room which functions as an office space, home gym and chill out space, for our clients in Brentwood, Essex. This garden room is from our Modern Refined range.

Small Garden room for studying

Small Garden Office Room, Chelmsford

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have needed to work from home in cramped bedrooms in our homes. Our clients wanted their own dedicated workspace, which a Hawksbeck Garden Room could easily provide.

Westcliff-On-Sea Garden Room, Essex

Child’s Chill-Out Space, Westcliff-on-Sea

Our clients wanted to provide their children with a safe and playful space that they could explore and enjoy in comfort. Hawksbeck installed an LED strip to transform this Modern range garden room!

Zen Garden Room Office, Essex

Zen Office Space, Leigh-on-Sea

Hawksbeck Garden Rooms created this stunning office space for our clients in Essex, designing and building our Modern range garden room. We added a double roof overhang and two bifold doors to meet our clients preferences.

Church Garden Room, Braintree in Essex

The Church Studio, Braintree

This is an outstanding project which the Hawksbeck team completed in the grounds of a renovated Victorian Church. The Modern garden room fits this property perfectly, with a stunning finished look.

Home garden room office, Essex

Home Gym & Office, Hutton

A multi-purpose space that accommodates the needs of both father and daughter alike in this Modern garden room. Our team created a space for our clients to work and exercise, all from the comfort of their back garden.

Luxuyr garden studio in Essex

Garden Studio Room, Shenfield

A delightfully spacious garden studio, with a multi-functional room our clients can enjoy. This room will function as a therapy room and gym!

Luxury bespoke garden rooms in Essex

Garden Hobby Room & Storage Area

Barbara from Hutton, Essex, approached Hawksbeck Garden Rooms to design and build her a space where she could enjoy her hobbies and relax in the comfort of her garden. A Hawksbeck Modern garden room was chosen and completed with beautiful finishing touches.

Small garden office in Essex

Garden Room Office

Ben and Laura from Epping, Essex, approached Hawksbeck looking for a garden room office so they could work from home. They chose the Hawksbeck Classic Garden Room, featuring a stunning glazed window and bifolding door.

Essex garden room for sports, games and gym

Garden Social Space & Gym Area

This multi-purpose garden room is designed to provide our clients with a new social space and gym area, with a gym rack, treadmill and pool table. This was from the Hawksbeck Modern range, with an aluminium bifold door.

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Garden room in Essex with kitchen

Garden Guest Annexe

This is a lovely garden room from the Hawksbeck Modern Range, giving our clients a perfect garden guest annexe, complete with bedroom, ensuite and kitchen area.

Guest Annexe Suite, Essex

Garden Living Area & Gym

A stunning example of a garden room gym and social space, designed and built by the Hawksbeck Garden Rooms team for our clients in Shenfield, Essex.

Small Yoga Studio in Essex

Yoga Studio Garden Room, Shenfield

Our client wanted a tranquil space to practice yoga and meditation at their home in Shenfield, Essex. With a beautiful garden space, a Hawksbeck Garden Room was the perfect luxury option.

Bespoke garden rooms in Essex

Garden Room Retreat

Jo and Dan from Doddinghurst, Essex, approached Hawksbeck Garden Rooms as they were looking to create a retreat at the end of their garden, partly for Dan to work from. A Hawksbeck Heritage garden room was chosen and completed with beautiful finishing touches.

Garden room gym in Essex

Garden Room Gym

Nick and Karen from Quainton, Buckinghamshire, approached Hawksbeck looking for a garden room gym. The brief for their garden room was to create a space purely for gym equipment for the whole family to use.

Garden rooms designed in Essex

Garden Office & Chill Out Room

Debbie and Elliott approached Hawksbeck looking for a garden office, which could also be used as a chill out room in the evening and at weekends. This was a truly multi-functional garden room and a classic example of the versatility garden rooms can have for our clients.

Multi-Functional Garden Room

Nat and Jason approached Hawksbeck Garden Rooms looking for a beautiful, multi functional space. They wanted a garden room that they could use as an office, gym and cinema room.

Garden Office & Conference Room

Sarah and Nic contacted Hawksbeck in order to design and build a bespoke garden room to be used as an artist studio.  This beautiful garden studio was built complete with two rooms, a kitchen and separate shower room and toilet

garden gym rooms in essex


Martin and Amanda were looking for a bespoke solution at the end of their garden. They wanted a home gym where they could exercise in peace while enjoying being surrounded by their beautiful garden.

Garden room annexes

Garden Office and Storage

Rob and Theresa contacted Hawksbeck looking for a garden office with storage. They wanted an office during the week and playroom at weekends. We worked with them to design and build the perfect multifunctional space.

Garden rooms in Essex

AirBnb Annex

Emily and James contacted Hawksbeck needing extra space. With three children they wanted extra accommodation for when family and friends visited. They also wanted the opportunity to earn money.

Artist Studio

Marion and Mark came to us with a design brief of an artist studio where they could be creative whilst enjoying their quiet, tranquil garden.

Bespoke garden rooms in Essex

Teacher’s Classroom Garden Room

Carole and Ken came to us with a design brief that included creating a garden room that they could use as a living area and teacher’s classroom while they carried out extensive work to their main house.


Bespoke garden room in Essex

Garden Room Office

Rebecca contacted Hawksbeck wanting a garden room office that felt an integrated part of her garden. She was also keen to build a mini Hawksbeck garden room that her children could enjoy during lockdown and for many years to come.

Drummers garden studio in Essex

Drummer’s Garden Studio

Torstein and Clare approached Hawksbeck with a brief to build a drummer’s studio for their son. It had to be near enough to the house so it was only a short walk away, but not too near that they could hear the drummers when their son’s band was rehearsing. A Hawksbeck Modern garden room was chosen.

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