Garden Rooms can be built for a range of uses, including a personal yoga studio, office or annexe for guests. It can be incredibly exciting designing your new space, but a lot of people forget that it is not just the main room you need to design. For most projects, incorporating a bathroom into the build is important, as it gives the garden room complete autonomy from the main house. Designing your garden room bathroom doesn’t need to be boring though, you can have equally as much fun as designing the main space.

Bespoke garden room bathrooms in Essex.
Bespoke garden room bathrooms in Essex.


To begin with, you would need to decide on the fittings you want in the bathroom. Are you going to choose a full bathroom or opt for a smaller shower room? In fact, would you prefer a small ensuite with a toilet and sink? Do you need storage? Once you have these core details confirmed in your mind, you can start to imagine what your new garden room bathroom is going to look like and how it will function.

Let’s say you have opted for a full bathroom, equipped with a bath, toilet and sink. If you are aiming to create a relaxed getaway space in your garden room, you could choose to have soundproofed walls that allow you to have a fully fitted surround sound system. You can imagine taking a relaxing bath with your favourite music serenading you! If you have opted for a more reserved shower room, you can soften the functionality of the room with wooden storage under the sink or with wooden shelving, to store your bathroom items. Whichever way you design the layout of your bathroom, Hawksbeck can accommodate to your tastes, needs and desires.

There are lots of choices of baths, showers and fittings that you can browse through, and our team will be more than happy to install these for you. A popular choice of shower unit are showers with bifolding doors or sliding doors, as this can really optimise the space you have available to you on a smaller build. If you choose a bath, you can have a modern bathroom with led lights installed, which can set the mood when you are wanting to relax or energise yourself.


Lighting is always an important choice when designing a bathroom. You want your garden room bathroom to feel clean and airy, which is easily achieved with lots of bright white light. You can achieve this with a skylight or windows in your bathroom, or with droplights that can be placed in key areas of the room. It is always a good option to have a window in your bathroom for steam ventilation, but you can choose from a variety of different options that suit your style of bathroom. If you want a smaller bathroom, we can install small overhead windows, or stick to bright spot lights.


When choosing a colour scheme for your bathroom, you can either opt to follow on from the colour tones you have used in the other rooms within the garden room or be bold and choose something different. Most clients opt for pale colours, either choosing for a monochrome theme or delicate green and blue tones to match the garden surroundings, leaning towards a natural ambience. Your tiling choice can reflect your colour palette, which can be accentuated if you opt for bright lighting in the bathroom.

Bespoke garden room bathrooms in Essex.
Bespoke garden room bathrooms in Essex.

When designing a formal space for work functions, a small bathroom at the rear of the garden room is a welcome addition. We can help you to design the layout of your garden room so it meets all of your needs. Our service takes care of all electrical and plumbing requirements, so that you do not need to find any other tradesmen for your build. Therefore, having a bathroom fitted in your garden room does not need to add any stress to your life; Hawksbeck takes care of all your needs.

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