Hawksbeck Garden Rooms takes pride in being at the forefront of our industry by utilising new technology to make your experience with us of the highest quality. At Hawksbeck, we understand that committing to a bespoke garden room can be a big decision and we understand that it can be difficult to visualise what your new space will look like. In light of this, we have created augmented reality (AR) representations of each of our garden rooms for you to use and be amazed, with your garden room coming to life in your garden.

In an easily accessible and user-friendly layout, you can browse through our range of luxury garden rooms on your phone or tablet and enter the world of AR to walk around your garden room in your garden before spending a penny. Our incredible technology also means you can customise your garden room with everything from size through to cladding and window choices.  Much like virtual reality, you will see an image created by our team that will appear to be situated in the space in front of you.

Within moments, you could be walking inside your future garden room… Simply click on the buttons below to explore and customise our ranges in augmented reality.

Haven’t found what you are looking for?  Contact our team for a truly bespoke design!

Classic range configurator
Heritage garden room configurator
Modern range Configurator
Ultimate range configurator
Signature Range configurator

What are you waiting for? Try it out! Pick up your phone or tablet and click above, or scan one of our QR codes to experience your future garden room space now!

If you have any difficulties using this technical feature, please contact us by phone or email for guidance and support. We take great pride in creating a luxury service alongside our bespoke garden rooms and value your feedback greatly.

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