Hawksbeck Garden Annexes are the biggest and most luxurious garden rooms available. With a garden annex, you can have multiple rooms with the benefit of them being multifunctional so you can really get the most out of your investment.

But what do clients typically use their garden annexes for? Most use it as separate living accommodation or guest accommodation for family or friends who are visiting. Having a garden annex, means that they can have a private space to escape to at the end of the day. One of our clients in Earlsfield, South London, use their garden annex as guest accommodation and let it out through AirBnB. They do particularly well over the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and they are now making a nice return on their investment. This particular garden annex includes a decent sized bedroom, living space, en-suite bathroom and a kitchen. Luxurious, comfortable and spacious.

Garden room bedroom
Garden Annex in Essex

Garden annexes are a great choice for clients with grown-up children who are struggling to get on the housing ladder. They give young people the independence of their own place, without breaking the bank to get on the housing ladder, allowing them to save in the meantime for their own property. Perhaps you want to give them their own space when they come back from university or when they return from a gap year? Or maybe you want them to have their own space so they can entertain friends, play music and generally make as much noise as they like without disturbing the peace and quiet in your home. All our garden rooms and garden annexes are soundproofed so they won’t disturb you or the neighbours.

The way garden annexes provide separate living accommodation mean they are a great option for au pairs or elderly relatives. It gives them their own space while you still enjoy the privacy of your own home. For elderly relatives, they have the reassurance of having you just a few steps away. And in turn, garden annexes make checking in on your relative and caring for them that much easier. If you would like to make your garden annex self-contained, why not also consider fitting a small kitchen or kitchenette to really make your parents or relatives feel at home.

Here at Hawksbeck, every garden room or garden annex we design and build is bespoke, meaning that we can connect bathrooms, kitchens and cabling for media; making us a one-stop shop for your perfect garden annex.

In the long term, the use of your garden annex can evolve with you. So your annex with an office and gym now, can be an annex for an elderly relative or a grown up child later. A Hawksbeck Garden Annex is built to last a lifetime and comes with a 10-year warranty so your investment will be worth every penny.

So call us now and talk to us about how a Hawksbeck Garden Annex can transform your lifestyle.

Garden room annex

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