The beauty of a Hawksbeck garden room studio is you can have a stunning space in your garden dedicated to your work or your favourite past time. The opportunities for a Hawksbeck Garden Studio are endless – an art studio, yoga studio, music studio, recording studio or a gym studio. Somewhere you can feel inspired and escape the hustle and bustle of family life in the main house.


Garden rooms are perfect for art studios as they can be built to maximise light with large bifold doors and skylights. We designed a vaulted ceiling for one client which gave the garden room a superb feeling of space and created a really inspiring place to work from.

Art Studio


Hawksbeck Garden Rooms also make the perfect yoga studios. A large, light and airy space overlooking your beautiful garden is the ideal place to free your body and mind so you can meditate or practice yoga in peace. We can work with you to create springboard flooring and have a range of heating and air conditioning units to ensure the temperature is just right, all year round. Imagine having your own personal bikram yoga studio in your back garden. Hawksbeck can work with architects and heating engineers to make sure your garden room can withstand the 40c heat and humidity needed for a bikram yoga studio.

Yoga Studio Inside, Essex


If a music studio or a recording studio is your thing, then we can professionally soundproof your garden room. Our acoustic experts can find the best solution for your needs so you can make music without disturbing anyone else in the main house or your neighbours.

We pride ourselves on building the best garden rooms in the business. All Hawksbeck Garden Rooms meet building regulation standards and come with a 10 year warranty so you can relax in the knowledge that your investment will stand the test of time.

Music garden room Essex

Our garden rooms are built using a groundbreaking material called Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs). These make the garden rooms incredibly energy efficient, drastically reducing your energy bills. They can also be constructed in just a few days, minimising the mess in your garden and home.

Although most garden rooms can be built under permitted development rules we recommend all our clients get a certificate of lawful development. This ensures any work being undertaken is legal and gives vital evidence if you were to sell your house in the future. A certificate of lawful development also means your garden room can be deemed as liveable space which will add value to your house.

Our team has years of experience in the building trade and pride themselves on delivering the highest quality finish to your garden room. Our company owner, Jon Mathew, personally project manages each garden room to ensure the client gets exactly what they want. Jon is immensely passionate about what he does and takes pride in delivering excellent customer service.

We have a range of garden room designs to give you ideas and offer inspiration. We can also offer visits to the garden room studios we have built so you can see the garden rooms for yourselves and talk to our clients about working with us.

So talk to us today about how a Hawksbeck Garden Studio can transform your lifestyle. Call us on 01277 414586, email us at

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