Luxury Garden Room Bar and Gym – Pinner, Middlesex

In the vibrant suburb of Pinner, a luxurious Hawksbeck garden room has recently been completed, providing the perfect retreat for entertainment and fitness. This bespoke l-shaped garden room spans an impressive 50 sqm and is divided into three separate rooms, each serving a unique purpose. One room is dedicated to the bar, another to the gym, and a beautiful bathroom completes the ensemble.

Harmonious exterior

The exterior of this stunning garden room boasts a harmonious blend of Cedar and Dura cladding, meticulously laid vertically. This combination enhances the structure’s visual appeal and ensures its long-lasting durability. One of the standout features is the unique cantilevered corner opening, showcasing sleek aluminium sliding doors that add a touch of contemporary flair to the design.

Bespoke brick slip wall and custom spray paint mural

Upon setting foot inside, guests are greeted by a bespoke brick slip wall running along the back of the garden room. This captivating feature exudes an urban industrial vibe, instantly setting the tone for the interior. A portion of this wall has been custom spray-painted, showcasing artwork and the name of the garden bar inspired by the homeowners’ beloved dog, Casper. This personal touch adds a playful and charming element to the space, making it unique.

The bar of all bars

The low-lit bar takes centre stage within the main living space, radiating a sense of intimacy and sophistication. Custom artwork and neon lighting, all tastefully inspired by Casper, create a unique, captivating and inviting ambience. The entire interior of the garden room is painted in a moody yet luxurious dark green tone, enveloping the space in warmth and elegance. This colour palette enhances the overall atmosphere, making every moment spent within the garden room a delightfully cosy experience.

Bespoke mirrored gym area

Adjacent to the bar area, the garden room’s gym awaits fitness enthusiasts with its state-of-the-art features. The gym boasts bespoke mirrors that serve a functional purpose and infuse the space with spaciousness and motivation. This carefully curated environment provides an ideal setting for homeowners to pursue their fitness goals easily.

luxury garden room london
cedar clad garden room london

Bathroom suite

Finally, the beautiful bathroom suite completes this luxury garden room, ensuring its users’ utmost convenience and comfort. Every detail, from the fixtures and fittings to the choice of materials, is thoughtfully selected to create a tranquil retreat within the garden room. The bathroom suite perfectly combines aesthetics and functionality, providing a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

This recently completed luxury garden room bar and gym represents the epitome of craftsmanship and innovation from Hawksbeck. From the combination of Cedar and Dura cladding to the bespoke brick slip wall and the low-lit bar, every aspect showcases the commitment to excellence that Hawksbeck Garden Rooms is known for. The moody dark green interior, bespoke mirrors in the gym, and the beautiful bathroom suite all contribute to creating a chic and inviting space. This garden room showcases the transformation of an outdoor space into a haven of luxury and pleasure, tailored to the unique needs and desires of the homeowners.

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“Our project with Hawksbeck was a journey that began over 2 years ago, and Jon and the team were there with us throughout. We had many Garden Building companies come out to see us, but none offered the same service that Hawksbeck provides, making them unique. If you are after a team that manages the project for you from the start (where it is just an idea, the planning applications and the design iterations) to the completion (an amazing usable, quality and robust build), look no further. The building Hawksbeck has built for us ticks all the boxes and is a fantastic space we adore (we spend more time there than in the house… although we do have a great bar there now!). Every team member we worked with was great, a specialist in what they do with great attention to detail – this is easily noticeable in the finished product. Thanks again, Jon/Ellie/Ryan, for your patience and making the vision a reality. I would highly recommend Hawksbeck.”

Nik & Rita, Project Owners

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