Spacious Garden Room Gym, Wanstead, London

bespoke garden rooms london

Say hello to this stunning modern range garden room gym designed and built by Hawksbeck garden rooms. This bespoke garden room gym is located in Wanstead, East London and makes a stunning and functional addition to a fitness enthusiast’s home. This project overview will highlight the key interior and exterior features of this garden room gym, designed to provide a seamless and calming space for workout sessions.

Exterior Features

This contemporary garden room gym features an open-plan design, with a spacious 18 sqm area dedicated to fitness and exercise. The garden gym’s generous size allows for the inclusion of various gym equipment, ensuring individuals have everything they need for a comprehensive workout.

Constructed with a cedar-clad exterior, this stylish garden fitness studio exudes natural beauty and blends harmoniously with its surroundings. This choice of exterior material enhances the garden room’s visual appeal and provides durability and longevity against the elements.

The inclusion of 3m aluminium bifold doors adds a touch of modernity to the design while allowing for easy access to the fitness area. These doors also bring the outdoors in, providing natural light and creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior space whilst also making the most of garden views.

A standout feature of the gym’s exterior is the split-opening full-height side window. This window addition allows for further ventilation, enabling fresh air to circulate within the gym space, creating a pleasant environment for workouts.

Interior Features

Upon entering this large garden room gym, individuals are greeted with a calming atmosphere created by the green walls and wood flooring. The use of green, known for its soothing qualities, promotes a sense of tranquillity and relaxation, enhancing the overall fitness workout experience. The wood flooring complements the green walls, creating a seamless flow throughout the space and adding warmth. The wood flooring also provides a durable and hard-wearing surface perfect for withstanding those more intensive fitness training sessions.

bespoke garden rooms london
bespoke garden rooms london

To ensure proper lighting during workouts, the gym has been fitted with spotlights strategically placed to illuminate different exercise areas. This provides users with ample visibility and keeps them energised throughout their fitness sessions.

For all year-round comfort, this bespoke garden room gym has been fitted with an air conditioning system for both heating and cooling. This ensures that individuals can maintain an optimal workout environment regardless of the external weather conditions.

The interior of the gym is equipped with numerous pieces of gym equipment, catering to various fitness routines. There is enough floor space to accommodate cardio training sessions, weights, and functional exercises, providing users with a versatile and well-rounded fitness workout experience.

This East London modern range garden room gym by Hawksbeck offers individuals a dedicated and tranquil fitness space in their own garden. The garden room gym’s exterior features, including the cedar cladding, bi-fold doors, and split opening full-height side window, create an aesthetically appealing and functional space.

Inside, the calming green walls, wood flooring, spotlights, and air conditioning system contribute to a seamless and comfortable workout environment. With a variety of gym equipment and ample floor space, this garden room gym is perfectly suited for cardio training, weights, and fitness exercises.

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