Garden Room Office in Colchester, Essex

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This modern range garden room office, located in Colchester, Essex was recently designed and built by the Hawksbeck team. This bespoke garden room makes a stunning addition to our client’s outdoor space and combines functionality with a contemporary design, providing individuals with a versatile and productive workspace right in the comfort of their own garden. This project overview will highlight the key interior and exterior features of this garden room office.

Spacious Open Plan Design

This contemporary garden office boasts a spacious 24sqm, open plan footprint, providing ample space for work and creativity. Its cedar exterior cladding adds a touch of natural beauty to the design, ensuring the structure blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the inclusion of an exterior porch overhang not only enhances the garden office’s curb appeal but also provides protection from direct sunlight and rain.

Modern Bifold Doors

One of the standout external features is the office’s 3m aluminium bifold doors. These doors allow for easy access to the garden office while also flooding the interior space with natural light. They create a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor areas, allowing individuals to enjoy a breath of fresh air during breaks or gatherings.

Interior Features

Stepping inside the bespoke garden room, one is greeted by the warm and inviting atmosphere created by the wood floors and soft colour palette. The natural shades and textures of the wood add a sense of tranquillity and warmth to the space, while the soft colours enhance relaxation and concentration.

The modern garden office’s interior is furnished with soft grey furnishings, providing a touch of elegance and modernity. These furnishings create a comfortable and inspiring environment that can stimulate productivity and creativity. Additionally, the productive desk area is designed to maximise efficiency, featuring ample workspace and storage options.

bespoke garden rooms london
bespoke garden rooms london

An added convenience is the inclusion of an integrated toilet within this contemporary garden room. This eliminates the need for individuals to constantly travel to and from the main house, ensuring privacy and reducing interruptions. The presence of this facility further solidifies the garden office’s functionality and independence.

Hidden Storage Room

To optimise space utilisation, this garden office incorporates a hidden storage room behind a concealed-clad exterior door. This clever design feature ensures that essential items can be easily stored away, maintaining a clutter-free and organised workspace.

In summary, the modern range garden room office by Hawksbeck Garden Rooms in Colchester, Essex, offers a perfect combination of curb appeal and functional features. Its exterior features, including the cedar cladding, overhang, bi-fold doors, and concealed storage room, create a visually pleasing and practical space.

On the inside, the wood floors, soft colour palette, grey furnishings, and productive desk area contribute to a relaxed yet productive atmosphere. Moreover, the inclusion of a toilet and washbasin adds convenience and makes this garden office a self-sufficient workspace. Whether used as a home office, creative studio, or serene retreat, this garden room is designed to elevate individuals’ work-life balance and productivity in an enchanting outdoor setting.

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