Garden Room Office in Woodham Walter, Maldon, Essex

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Located in the countryside of Woodham Walter Maldon, Essex, Hawksbeck were pleased to work on a bespoke luxury garden room office, designed to transform the concept of working from home. This innovative and thoughtfully crafted space offers a harmonious blend of elegant design, functional features, and bespoke details, ensuring a tranquil and productive environment for remote work.

Cosy 12 Square Metre Garden Room Office

This stunning garden room office covers a 12-square-metre area, providing an intimate yet spacious setting that is ideal for a productive office environment. This size offers a perfect balance between a dedicated workspace and a cosy retreat, fostering focus and creativity without feeling too confined.

Cedar Clad Garden Room Exterior

The exterior of this garden room office is clad in premium natural cedar, which compliments the natural beauty of the office’s garden setting, whilst also offering durability and resistance against England’s unpredictable weather conditions. This popular choice of cedar cladding also comes with the benefit of being low maintenance ensuring a hassle free garden room for our clients.

Sliding Doors and Additional Floor-to-Ceiling Side Window

The integration of sliding doors creates a seamless transition between the interior and the surrounding landscape, infusing the space with natural light and capturing picturesque views. Complementing this, the floor-to-ceiling side window further illuminates the interior, establishing a connection with the outdoors and inviting a sense of tranquillity into this garden workspace.

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Fresh White Walls and Warm Wood Flooring

The interior of this modern garden room office is decorated with fresh white walls, creating an airy and uplifting ambiance that promotes focus and creativity. This, coupled with the warm wood flooring, offers a welcoming atmosphere that evokes a sense of comfort and sophistication, ideal for optimal productivity.

Cosy Office and Desk Area

The contemporary garden room office features a dedicated desk area that is carefully designed to inspire productivity and comfort. The thoughtful arrangement and design of this space offer a conducive environment for focused work, allowing occupants to thrive in their professional endeavours while remaining connected to the natural surroundings.

Client Experience and Benefits

This meticulously designed garden room office provides a transformative opportunity for our clients’ work-from-home lifestyle. Whether utilised as a private office, a creative studio, or a tranquil retreat, the bespoke garden room office promises to be an invaluable addition to our client’s home that fosters productivity, well-being, and work-life balance.

This wonderful example of a garden room office project in Woodham Walter, Maldon, Essex showcases a shift in remote working, delivering an unparalleled blend of luxury, functionality, and tranquillity. With its thoughtful design features and inviting ambiance, this garden room office offers a sanctuary for professional pursuits, as well as an inspiring and harmonious workspace within the comfort of home.

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