Luxury Garden Yoga Studio

luxury garden room london


Exterior Overview

This new, breathtaking Hawksbeck garden rooms project in St. Johns Wood, London, showcases the construction of a luxury garden yoga studio with a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic features. This bespoke garden room is designed to provide a tranquil and versatile space for yoga enthusiasts, with the added convenience of an attached WC.

One of the standout elements of this unique project is its large size, spanning an impressive 35 sqm. This spacious area allows for a comfortable yoga practice, with ample room for multiple participants and various yoga props.

The exterior of this luxury garden room is adorned with Dura Composite cladding in a striking charcoal colour. This high-quality cladding not only enhances the structure’s visual appeal but also provides durability and protection against the elements, ensuring the longevity of the garden room.

Interior Overview

Upon entering the yoga studio, a serene ambience is created by the combination of underfloor heating and polished plaster wall finish. The underfloor heating system ensures an even distribution of warmth, facilitating a cosy and relaxing environment during yoga sessions.

The polished plaster wall finish adds a touch of elegance to the space, creating a visually appealing backdrop for yoga exercises. This sleek and smooth finish also reflects light, enhancing the room’s brightness and spaciousness.

The garden room also boasts an Infiniglide sliding door with a low profile. This innovative sliding door system allows abundant natural light to flood the yoga studio, creating a seamless connection with the surrounding garden. The low-profile design ensures smooth operation and minimal visual disruption, further enhancing the room’s aesthetics.

luxury garden studio london
luxury garden studio london

Additional Insights

To ensure structural integrity, the garden room is built on a concrete raft foundation, creating a sturdy and level base that can withstand the test of time. Additionally, a brick plinth is incorporated into the design, providing an elegant transition between the garden and the studio.

The inclusion of a WC within the garden room adds a practical element to the space, enhancing its convenience and functionality. This feature eliminates the need for users to leave the studio during their yoga sessions, further promoting a seamless and uninterrupted experience.

This luxury garden room project showcases a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic features, including a spacious 35 sqm sizing, Dura Composite cladding in charcoal, underfloor heating, polished plaster wall finish, Infiniglide sliding door with a low profile, and a WC. Combining these elements creates an elevated space for yoga enthusiasts to practice and rejuvenate, while seamlessly integrating with the garden’s natural surroundings.

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