Hawksbeck Garden Rooms have produced this stunning garden gym room in Shenfield, Essex from our Modern range, with our clients choosing to have a Modern Refined Garden Room covering 24sqm of their garden. Our clients wanted their own private garden room gym to compliment their gorgeous outdoor pool in their garden space.

The absolute highlight of this contemporary home garden room gym is the cladding, made from composite rather than wood. This cladding was sourced from Ecoscape UK, who produce high quality composite cladding made from recycled high density polyethylene plastic and reclaimed wood fibres. Hawksbeck Garden Rooms are pleased to work with such a high-quality material, from a company that matches our eco-beliefs and high craftsmanship.

Our clients chose to have the Havana Composite Cladding Panels, with the colouring to match the poolside tiling. The contrast between the beautiful blue water and the darker grey cladding and tiling makes this garden look incredibly luxurious and relaxing, perfect for summer garden parties! There are many different choices of cladding you can have for your garden gym room, which can help your garden room to fit in with your existing garden landscape.

Inside this modern garden room, the perfect fitness space has been created with an exercise bike, treadmill, weights section and stretching or yoga area. Overlooking the pool, it is easy to feel like you are working out at your own 5-star villa – especially on those hot summer days!

modern garden gym room in Essex
Garden gym room in Essex

Plus, if our clients ever decide they no longer need a home gym, this garden room makes the perfect poolside social space, that can be equipped with a luxury bar, yoga suite or party area!

Alongside the bifold door at the front of the garden room gym, our clients have chosen to have an additional glazing panel on the side of their garden room, overlooking the children’s play area. This can be a great addition for busy families who want to watch over their children playing whilst also ticking a workout off their long to-do list. As our garden rooms are fully customisable, we can install as many glazing panels as desired to meet your tastes and preferences.

Our clients decided to supplement the ventilation from their bifold door at the front of the garden room with an air conditioning unit, which allows them to keep the doors open and keep the inside of the garden room cool. Whilst this isn’t necessary to keep a garden room cool, it can be a nice addition if you are creating a gym space. All our Hawksbeck Garden Rooms are built with SIP’s, which are outstanding insulators that keep your garden gym room cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.

If you are wanting a garden gym building to compliment your swimming pool or existing garden space, contact the Hawksbeck Garden Rooms team today on 01277 414 586.

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