The Hawksbeck team were pleased to complete this lovely Hawksbeck Modern 30 project in Brentwood, Essex, this summer. Our client wanted a multi-functional outdoor space to suit every member of the family, catering to his work-from-home lifestyle, passion for fitness and space for his children to relax.

The Hawksbeck Modern 30 was the perfect option for this family, being spacious in its size and with a stunning exterior that suits a smaller outside garden space. The overhang porch frames the entrance to the garden room, welcoming guests inside and drawing their attention in the garden space.

In this garden room, our team designed and built a small restroom, equipped with a toilet and sink, so that this outdoor garden room in Essex could be independent to the main house. This can be helpful if you do not want to break your focus when working from home or working out but need a rest break! Our client decided to opt for a smaller lavatory, to allow optimal space for the main uses of the garden room.

Having an outdoor garden room office is a great addition to any home in Brentwood, with garden rooms typically being built to give homeowners the space to focus away from the family home. The office space in this garden room outside is tucked away from the gym and chill-out sections in the main room, allowing our client to focus on their screens without being distracted. As our client works in the finance sector, it was important that he had enough space for several screens to complete his work from, in a room that wasn’t in direct sunlight.

Outside garden games room in Essex
Outdoor garden room in Essex

The custom glazing panel on the front of the garden room allows in enough light to brighten up the space, but not too much to distract our client whilst working. This balance is hard to achieve in the home, as skylights that are traditionally used in extensions can direct too much light into an office space.

In the gym section of this garden room, our clients have chosen to have an air conditioning unit to supplement the ventilation from the bifold door. In most garden rooms this would be a necessity due to the poor insulating quality of the building materials.

However, in a Hawksbeck Garden Room, you do not typically need an air conditioning unit, as our garden rooms are built using Structurally Insulated Panel’s.

These panels have incredible insulating properties, with lower U-values than the materials many other garden room providers use to construct their products. This means your outdoor garden room office is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and with these high-quality building materials, your garden room will last over 60 years! This is what makes a Hawksbeck Garden Room the highest quality garden room on the market.

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We used Hawksbeck to build a multi-purpose garden room (office/gym/tv area). The build of this garden room went incredibly smoothly and in the time frame originally quoted. We looked at other companies but felt that Hawksbeck were more professional and offered a better product and service than the others and we were not disappointed. The build team were fantastic…super friendly, professional and reliable. The quality of the product/workmanship is outstanding and we are incredibly happy with our room. Many thanks to Jon for putting up with my constant questions and requests – nothing was ever too much trouble. I can’t recommend this company highly enough!!

Paula & Matt, Brentwood, Essex

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