Our clients chose one of our most popular types of garden room – the Classic Hawksbeck Garden Room. This garden room was built in Chelmsford, Essex, for our clients Paul and Dani, who needed space to work from home following changes to their working arrangement in light of the pandemic. Small garden room offices have become very popular recently, and Hawksbeck were more than ready to deliver this bespoke garden office project.

This small garden room is a lovely addition to this garden, adding some height and a point of interest. The outside cladding is made from stunning European Red Wood Cedar with our Structurally Insulated Panel’s keeping the inside space well-insulated. Our clients opted for a flat roof over a pitched roof, or eco-roof, creating a beautiful example of simplicity at its finest. This small garden room measured out as 12sqm, the perfect amount of space for a small garden office!

Inside, this garden room has been decorated with FloorPlus flooring from the Maverick Range. The neutral grey colour helps to balance out the darker green feature wall behind the desk spaces. With small garden rooms, it is important to get the balance between light and dark correct, as too much light can make it an uncomfortable space, but too many darker colours make the room feel much smaller. Our clients found this balance, and the result is simple but effective.

Garden room office in Essex
Inside garden office, Essex

There are eight spotlights in the ceiling of this Essex garden room, lighting the interior perfectly for a work area or office space. Small garden offices have become increasingly popular during the pandemic, with many families needing a space to work from home away from the stress of the family home. A Classic Hawksbeck garden room is the perfect shape and size for a study space or office area, with a strong balance of natural and artificial light to keep you focused.

In the summer, this garden room is kept cool with an air conditioning unit installed by the Hawksbeck building team. Alongside this cooling unit, our clients chose to have wide glass French doors, that let in lots of sunshine and keeps the room well-ventilated. In the winter, you can be assured that any heat inside the small garden room is kept inside by our insulated panels which we construct the garden room from. Not only are they eco-friendly by design, but they also save you money on you heating bills!

A small garden room like this can be incredibly dynamic in its uses. If our clients needed a relaxation space, home gym or musician’s studio, it can be easily adapted to suit these needs. A Hawksbeck Garden Room is built to last over 60 years, unlike many other types of garden room, which means you can use it or redecorate over and over again for absolutely whatever you need!

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