This is a stunning, spacious garden room that measures 7m x 4m, providing our clients with 28sqm of new space to enjoy! This garden room features a wide bifolding door with aluminium frame, and redwood cedar cladding that creates a stunning exterior appearance. All of our Hawksbeck garden rooms are designed and built to last over 60 years, with eco-friendly building materials and a ten-year warranty, providing you with unmatched quality.

This particular garden room was constructed to give our clients a new space to relax and focus on themselves, away from the main house. To the left side of the garden room is a gym area, equipped with a gym rack for bench pressing, squatting and weight training, and a wall of mirrors. With this garden room being so spacious, our clients have also brought in a treadmill with a television fitted on the wall in front for entertainment whilst running. You can have any type of electrical appliances fitted in your garden room, with the Hawksbeck team completing all plumbing and electrical work.

Garden rooms from Hawksbeck in Essex
Garden room for gum and games room

Our client opted to have one large room instead of splitting the room up into smaller spaces, which has worked well in creating a sociable space. The pool table sits centrally in the room, with a mounted cue rack which keeps this garden room neat and tidy. This room could easily be adapted and changed to suit our clients changing needs, with sofas and tables being able to fit this space. The beauty of a garden room of this size is the flexibility you have with how you want to use the space!

The light in this garden room comes from both natural and artificial sources. The wide bifolding doors allow lots of natural light to flood in and keep this space bright, airy and well-ventilated. In addition to this, there is another small window in the garden room, which can help to keep the room ventilated in winter without letting out too much warmth. Our clients have chosen to have 12 spotlights installed for extra light, which means this garden room will be bright at all times of the day.

Finally, a great addition to this home gym is the Panasonic air conditioning unit, which was fitted by the Hawksbeck building team. This is a great way of keeping a garden room cool in the summer, especially when there is lots of sunlight coming through the glass bifold doors. Your surveyor will be able to chat to you about all of the options you have for heating your garden room in the winter, and keeping it cool in the summer.

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“I am truly delighted with my new garden room / gym. It is a real pleasure to use but also to admire from afar. The build is of great quality and cannot be faulted. The whole team were very professional and keen to produce work of the highest standard – courteous and friendly always. We are looking forward to many years of working out and relaxing too, in our new room. Many thanks Jon.

Benfleet, Essex

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