Zen Garden Office Space, Leigh-on-Sea

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Hawksbeck Garden Rooms completed this gorgeous little garden room in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, creating a lovely office space for our clients. This garden room came from our Modern range but was specialised to our client’s preferences by adding a double roof overhang and double bifold doors. The overhang wraps itself around the garden room, making it look bigger from the outside, and even more luxurious with the European red wood cedar cladding!

There are many incredible features with this garden room from the inside-out. The double bifold doors allow this garden room to fully open-up into the garden space, creating a lovely (and quirky) working space in the summer! There are blinds installed against both bifold doors, which allow our clients to have some privacy when they need to knuckle down with work. Our teams can fit any items you want or need in your garden room space, as we want our garden rooms to meet your every want and need. The beauty of a Hawksbeck Garden Room is the high-level of detail and quality in each of our garden rooms, with our bespoke garden rooms being designed and built purely with our clients in mind.

Inside this Essex garden room office our teams installed an air conditioning unit, to keep this office crisp and cool in the summer months.

Our garden rooms are built using Structurally Insulated Panel’s which have an outstanding insulating capacity, with a low U-value that means your garden room is well-insulated to a higher standard than the majority of other garden rooms. This keeps you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter, but if you are wanting to keep your bifold doors open in the summer months like our client here, an air-conditioning unit can be a great way to keep cool in the summer breeze! An office space needs to be comfortable above all else, and an air-conditioning unit can be a good way of achieving this.

Our team installed a flat-screen television to the wall, to create a space in this Essex garden room office where our clients could take a break. Taking work breaks are incredibly important, and our garden rooms can meet every function you need of them. With multiple electrical sockets throughout the garden room, this office space can be moved around and changed to suit any function our clients need from it. Change of career? This space can easily be turned into a home gym, or relaxation space for our clients. With our garden rooms being built to last over 60 years, your garden room may have many different functions over the years!

If you are thinking of having a garden room in your garden space, contact the Hawksbeck Garden Rooms team today on 01277 414 586! What are you waiting for?

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