Investing in the right garden room not only makes sure you have a lifetime of use, but also adds value to your house.

Estate Agents base their valuations on the total floor space of habitable accommodation within the boundary of a plot. Every Hawksbeck Garden Room comes with a building regulations certificate, therefore it is classed as livable space and can be included in the valuation of your home.

Can a garden room add a second income?

The value a garden room adds to your house isn’t just limited to the additional square metres, it can add a second income. At Hawksbeck we have built garden rooms for clients to let through AirBnB for example.

This is another important reason to have a garden room built to building regulation standards. If you plan to have people sleeping in your garden room, building regulations are required by law. For your own peace of mind, you can feel assured that your family and friends, and Airbnb guests, are sleeping in a building that is safe and has been signed off by an independent building inspector.

What do the experts say?

We spoke with Nicki Treffers, Director of Marketing and New Business at Beresfords Group and she says;

“At Beresfords we have seen a significant increase in the number of clients wanting garden rooms. We advise them it’s important to use a quality supplier, such as Hawksbeck, and that their garden room should be built to building regulation standards; this not only ensures a lifetime of enjoyment but should you choose to move, it adds value to your house. At Beresfords when we value your house we take into account the total liveable space, and a garden room built to building regulation standards is classified as liveable space.”

The garden room adapts to your life

Whether you build a garden room as an annex, gym or office your buyer will be able to use the space for whatever they choose. A Hawksbeck Garden Room is built to last a life time and can easy be adapted to different uses.

Size doesn’t matter, all garden rooms add value.

A quality garden room broadens the appeal of your property. The beauty of a garden room is that its use can change. You may use it as an office but someone thinking of buying your home may want to use it as a playroom, gym or guest room. Everyone needs a space separate from the main house.

What exactly is the value a garden room adds?

According to the Halifax House Price Per Square Metre Survey in 2018 the average cost of property sold in Greater London was £5,131 per square metre. So if you were to build a 20sqm garden room that could add £102,620 to the value of your house. And, with a 20sqm Hawksbeck Garden Room starting from only £29,999 (Including VAT, Foundations and Building Regulation Approval) That’s over a 3 fold return on investment!

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