Hawksbeck was born out of the need for people wanting space to work, play and entertain guests away from the main house but still with the comfort of only being a few steps away. So the question should be what can’t you use your garden room for. The opportunities for a garden room are endless. Our clients use their garden rooms for a wide range of uses. Here are just some examples of how garden rooms can be used. And remember, Hawksbeck Garden Rooms are built for life, so their use can evolve with you. For example, it can be an office now and an art studio when you retire.

  • Office –imagine no commute – saving you time and money on travel costs. A place away from all the distractions of home life where you can be productive while still having all the benefits of home right on your doorstep.  Office garden room examples.
  • Playroom – discover the breathing space a separate play room in your garden brings to family life. A garden room where the kids can unwind, make as much noise as they like and let their imagination run free. While you can feel reassured they are safe in the garden. Garden room playroom examples.
  • Yoga Studio – our garden rooms are the ideal place to transform your body and mind. Our garden rooms feel light and airy all year round, with excellent thermal performance, your yoga studio will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Or hot all year round if Bikram Yoga is your thing! Yoga studio garden room examples.
  • Gym – No membership fees, no waiting for machines, no judgment from other gym-users, just a short work to the most exclusive gym in town. Garden room gym examples.
  • Therapy Space – offer your clients the perfect sanctuary from today’s hectic life, a therapy room nestled in your garden. They can relax and unwind while looking at your beautiful garden.  Therapy garden room examples.
  • Guestroom – give your guests their own space and privacy away from the main house. Guest garden room examples.
  • Sensory room –Discover the relaxing and calming effect a sensory room can have on enhancing children’s emotional wellbeing. Children with special needs can be more receptive to learning in a sensory garden room without the distractions of busy family life.
  • Annex for elderly relative or grown-up children – with people living longer and the cost of care, an annex can be an excellent solution to caring for an elderly relative. Giving them privacy and independence while still having the reassurance of you a few steps away. At the other end of the spectrum, rising house prices makes getting on the housing ladder extremely difficult for young people. An annex gives them the space and independence they need for a fraction of the cost. Garden room annex examples.
  • Additional income – why not make your garden room pay for itself by renting it out on Airbnb? Our clients in Clapham, South London, let out their ensuite garden room for short-term holiday stays and make a healthy income from it during Wimbledon. Garden room rental examples.

So a Hawksbeck Garden Room can be anything you want it to be. We offer excellent customer service, a 10 year warranty, a price match guarantee and all our garden rooms are built to building regulation standards. So you can have peace of mind that Hawksbeck will work with you to create the perfect garden room you have always longed for.

Looking for your own garden room?  Call the team at Hawksbeck today.