Garden Office and Cinema Room Brentwood, Essex

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This bespoke modern garden room nestled in the lively town of Brentwood, Essex, offers a unique function of both a garden office space and cinema room. Perfect for working from home, the space seamlessly transforms into a cosy cinema room for an evening of relaxation and entertainment. This classic range garden room is a testament to Hawksbeck’s commitment to providing luxury spaces that require minimal upkeep yet last a lifetime.

Open Plan Garden Office Space

Designed specifically for remote working, this 15sqm open plan contemporary office garden room has created an inspiring and peaceful retreat for those days spent working from home. With plenty of natural light emulating from the sliding doors and bespoke window, this bespoke garden room allows for maximum productivity during work hours.

Home-Cinema Garden Room

Our client wished to optimise their garden room by installing their very own home-cinema, creating a multi-functional space. Installed with a floor-to-ceiling projector and state of the art audio system, this luxury garden room offers the ideal space for a cinematic experience to share with friends and family.

Stylish Sliding Doors

Installed to bring the outdoors in, these sleek and modern doors were selected by our client. Flooding the space with natural light, these doors also provide easy access to the serene surroundings of their garden. When it comes to durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance, uPVC is the ideal material for sliding doors. uPVC sliding doors are practical and easy to upkeep, creating a long-lasting solution for garden rooms that stands the test of time.

Cedar Cladded Exterior

 The exterior of the garden room is fitted with a stunning cedar cladding that adds a timeless charming effect. Natural wood such as cedar provides a warm and inviting character to our client’s garden room. Not only does cedar wood provide a stunning appearance, but it also boasts remarkable durability, protection, and insulation, making it an ideal choice for garden rooms. All Hawksbeck garden rooms are built for life with a 10-year insurance backed warranty so our clients can rest assured their project is in the right hands.

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Fully Insulated Interior

 At Hawksbeck Garden Rooms, we have a team of experts who ensure that all our projects meet building standard regulations, and that the highest level of quality is maintained. The insulation we use ensures that the garden room stays warm during the cold winter months and comfortably cool throughout hot summer weather. Our client has also opted for the installation of an air-conditioning unit to ensure they have complete control of the temperature.

This multifunctional bespoke garden room was tailor-made to our clients’ requirements and wishes. Our team at Hawksbeck, will work collaboratively with all our clients to ensure we bring your garden room dreams to life. We offer a full turnkey solution, from the initial design phase to the final installation and finishing touches, our team will be with you every step of the way. This means that our clients can relax and enjoy a stress-free process, knowing that their garden room project is in the hands of our experienced and dedicated team.

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