Garden Room Gym – Romford, Essex

Hawksbeck Garden Rooms has built many garden gyms over the past couple of years, but this one may be the most impressive. Covering 32sqm in total, this garden room from our Classic range has popular cedar cladding, as well as a sloped roof structure.

There are so many amazing features of this garden room gym, the first being the size. We can build a garden room to suit any sized garden, and our clients were fortunate enough to have a large open space to build their garden room. For these reasons, they wanted a large garden gym which could hold all their fitness equipment comfortably. On beautiful summer days, our clients can go out onto their decking to exercise, or shelter inside their garden room away from the sun.

Lots of natural light can enter this beautiful garden room gym due to the wide bifold doors at the front. This allows the garden room to fully open itself to the surrounding garden space, bringing in plenty of natural light and ventilation, which are vital for an exercise room. At both ends of this garden room, our clients chose to have additional bifold panels, which allow guests to see through the garden room entirely. This makes the room feel even more spacious and free flowing, creating a modern and stylish environment.

Luxury garden gym and fitness studio
Luxury garden room gym in Essex

The interior of this garden gym has been decorated for its purpose, but also to emphasise the size of this garden room. The mirrored walls create the illusion of a space double the size that has been created, creating an even more luxurious look. These mirrors along the rear wall are great for a workout space too, allowing you to correct your form and work on your technique without having to record yourself.

Our clients wanted to have a small bathroom in their garden room gym, for complete independence from the main house. Our teams can easily provide you with a small toilet or bathroom in your garden room, installing all sanitary items and tiling. Our clients chose to have a towel rail in their bathroom too, which only adds to the feeling of luxury.

There is a unique feature in this garden room gym which we have not seen before in the garden gyms Hawksbeck have constructed. Our clients wanted a television at the back of their garden room, which could not be mounted into the mirrors on the back wall. Instead, our team mounted it through the ceiling, giving our clients what they wanted with no need to compromise. Our clients can now catch up with the news whilst they work out, watch a film or train to a workout video.

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