When it comes to choosing the wooden cladding for your garden room, there are numerous options available from real wood or timber, through to wooden composite types of cladding.  There are plenty of benefits to all wooden options, which we will outline below.  Adding timber cladding to your garden room not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but can also bring huge insulation benefits, making your garden room usable all year round.

Cedar Clad Garden Rooms

Garden studio room in Braintree Essex

Cedar wood is one of the most popular types of cladding that is used on garden rooms of all shapes and sizes.  At Hawksbeck all our garden rooms are insulated using SIP’s (structurally insulated panels).  Having an extra layer of cedar cladding on top of this allows for even greater insulation to our garden rooms, saving customers valuable money and in turn helping to protect the environment.

Cedar cladding is also very easy to work with and requires little maintenance from a customer perspective, making it a popular choice.  Cedar cladding will always start as a red, orange colour but over time it turns into a beautiful silver, grey shade.

It is also possible to stain the garden room cladding into an alternative colour if that is your preference.

Larch Clad Garden Rooms

Bespoke Garden Room, Essex
One of the major benefits of larch cladding is that it is extremely durable, making it less prone to knocks and scrapes. Wooden types of cladding can sometimes be susceptible to movement due to temperature changes, however larch is considered to be stable with less movement than other types of wood.

Siberian larch wood has a natural, golden brown colour and is considered aesthetically pleasing due to its grain and pattern.  Similar to cedar wood, larch can be stained or treated to any shade desired. Larch cladding is relatively easy to maintain although it should be treated to avoid any pest infestations or natural decay.

Wooden Composite Clad Garden Rooms

contemporary garden room in Essex

Many customers like to choose wooden composite cladding due to its sleek lines and modern look and feel. Composite cladding also comes with a multitude of advantages such as ease of maintenance.  This type of cladding however doesn’t require any staining or painting so it is important that customers choose their shade carefully before installation.

From a construction perspective, composite cladding is quick to install as it slots together easily.  Perhaps the biggest advantage is that composite cladding is extremely durable and will stand the test of time on your garden room.  It’s durability also means that it is very difficult for pests to infiltrate.

Timber or wooden cladded garden rooms are extremely popular and combined with the correct type of insulation, they can provide a wonderful space as a garden room office or studio.

Hawksbeck are leaders in garden room construction in Essex and beyond and can advise on what types and colours of cladding are available for your very own garden room project. Call our team today on 01277 414 586 to get a free site survey and consultation for your garden room plans.

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