If you are looking to add a garden room to your home this summer, you may be looking for ways to make your garden room bespoke and a feature that complements your home. Hawksbeck are specialists in bespoke, customised garden rooms, and this blog will show you some of the most unique and unexpected ways to make your garden room stand out from the rest!

Custom-made is always best!

There is one simple way of creating a truly unique garden room, and that is to choose a garden room company who can create bespoke and customisable garden room spaces.  This is something Hawksbeck do with ease. With a team of architects and designers on hand, Hawksbeck will work with you to create your very own bespoke garden room design that suits your unique needs and personal tastes.

Bespoke Garden rooms with different themes

Tailor-made garden rooms can be themed and designed to reflect your personality. For example, you might want a garden room that reflects your love of travel or nature. Alternatively, your garden room may want to be a studio you can feel creative in, with plenty of feature glazing to be able to gaze into your garden.

You could also choose to decorate your customised garden room using colours and materials that match those found in nature – browns and greens, for instance, or mix things up with bright pinks and oranges!

Don’t forget about your garden space

Create a grand entrance leading up to your garden room, and consider adding a paved patio area to the front of your bespoke garden room. Taking into consideration the garden room’s surrounding area will help optimise that first impression wow factor.

Think about adding luxury outdoor garden features like a hot tub or pizza oven, two real luxuries that will add to the external uniqueness of the space.

Don’t forget to add greenery and landscaping to the outside of your bespoke garden room, with the addition of trees and shrubs.  This will help the garden room seamlessly blend into its garden surroundings, almost as if it had always been there.

Feature walls and floors!

Consider creating an exposed brick feature wall in the garden room’s internal space; this is something you don’t often see within a garden room. However, it never fails to impress and makes for an interior backdrop that gives more of an industrial feel.

Don’t be afraid to be bold by adding unique tiles, such as those that have been salvaged from old buildings and repurposed for use on walls, floors or even ceilings. If you’re really feeling adventurous, then why not try something like adding custom built-in shelving units and cabinets; this is great for extra storage but also adds a focal point to the room.

Play around with textures and materials; perhaps consider adding a cork wall to the room’s interior or even creating a chalkboard wall! This is a fun interactive feature that will appeal to kids who love drawing on walls (and adults too).

Add a bathroom and kitchen for a stand-alone garden room

A kitchen and bathroom add a unique twist to a traditional garden room – transforming it into more than just an extension of the house but also into a fully functional annexe space that is perfect for entertaining guests and relaxing in.  The team at Hawksbeck can take care of the customisation of the garden room build, but at the same time, ensure that it is fully connected to power and water, so you can really make full use of your garden room.

Feeling inspired…

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to make a garden room that stands out from the crowd and create a space that’s all about you, then follow these five tips and get in touch with the friendly Hawksbeck team to start bringing your innovative garden room design to life today.

Call the team today at info@hawksbeck.co.uk or call for a free garden room site survey at 01277 414 586.