Are you considering creating a luxury garden room gym? With the rise of home-based workouts, it’s no wonder so many people are looking to upgrade their homes to accommodate a gym space. At Hawksbeck garden rooms, we understand the importance of providing our clients with the highest quality garden room gyms that cater to their unique workout needs. We have put together a list of tips to help you when designing your luxury garden room gym, to help create a gym space that’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Tip 1: Personalise the Space

Adding your own personal touch to the design of your bespoke garden gym can make it feel like a space that is truly yours. Consider painting the walls in a colour that inspires you or perhaps add motivational quotes to keep you focused and on track. Additionally, by adding plants to your gym, you will not only be bringing in the benefits of nature but also adding to the aesthetic appeal of your space.

 Tip 2: Consider the Flooring

The flooring of your garden room gym is one of the most important aspects to consider. Not only does it need to be durable and easy to clean, but it also needs to provide sufficient shock absorption. We recommend using rubber tiles or mats, which are not only easy to clean but also provide excellent shock absorption. This is particularly important if you plan on doing any form of weightlifting as it will protect your floors and will also provide a non-slip surface for you to work out on. Garden rooms make wonderful home gyms as they are separate from your main home, meaning any noise is kept at a minimum.

Tip 3: Have Ample Lighting

Having ample lighting is crucial in creating a luxury gym that is both functional and visually appealing. You want to ensure that there is enough lighting to brighten up the space, yet not too much to cause any glare or reflection. Natural light is great, but you may also want to consider installing artificial lighting that can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Tip 4: Invest in High-Quality Equipment

Equipping your garden room gym with top-of-the-line equipment will not only make your workout more enjoyable, but it will also last you longer, saving you money in the long run. We recommend investing in equipment that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, such as state-of-the-art cardio machines, weight machines, and free weights. Consider equipment that is easy to adjust so you can quickly switch between exercises.

Tip 5: Install a Sound System

Music can make a world of difference in your workout experience. Hawksbeck are experts at installing sound systems so you can enjoy your favourite tunes while you work out. You may also want to invest in soundproofing for your garden room if you are placing it near your home or any neighbours.

At Hawksbeck garden rooms, we provide our clients with garden rooms that are not only functional but also unique. We will work with you to create a luxury gym that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. With our cutting-edge materials and efficient construction methods, we will deliver a garden room that is as durable as it is beautiful.

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