Granny Annexe Garden Room – Upminster, Essex

Here at Hawksbeck, we know and understand the importance of looking after elderly relatives. Granny annexes are a great way to provide independent living accommodation for elderly relatives, while still keeping them close to family. With careful planning and design, a bespoke granny annexe can be a comfortable, safe, and a cost-effective solution for multi-generational living.

This luxury garden room annexe completed by the Hawksbeck team is the perfect example of a multifunctional space and includes spaces for living and exercising, as well as a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom.

Modern garden room range

This modern range garden room by Hawksbeck covers a spacious 34 square metres, ensuring there is plenty of space to suit both active and relaxed lifestyles. This garden annexe is ideal for those that would enjoy working out and relaxing away from the main property. With space for a treadmill, bike and other equipment, this garden room is the perfect place to work out in peace, without having to worry about noise!

Two bespoke functions

As such a spacious garden room, our client has opted for a roomy lounge area with sofas and a TV mounted on the wall, the perfect space to chill out with a good movie or TV show. This annexe garden room also has enough space to comfortably fit a bed, should it be required for overnight accommodation. To distinguish the multi-functional room, a partition wall has been added to separate the gym equipment with the lounge area.

Fully fitted modern kitchen and bathroom

 Our client has opted for an additional kitchen space with plenty of cabinet storage, a smaller oven and all the crockery required for a good kitchen, making it the ideal additional space for those that wish they had a larger kitchen! It also means it’s easy to whip up a snack tray or a hearty meal for a true, self-contained space.

 Tired of sharing a bathroom? Or having to wait around while another household member showers? Look no further, this garden room annexe has included a new bathroom with a shower.

Our full turn-key service, means that all plumbing and electrics as well as waste pipes are connected so our clients do not have to worry about getting extra trades in.

garden granny annexe essex
granny annexe essex

Aluminium bifold doors

Bifold doors are both aesthetic and practical for a luxury garden room annexe. Not only are they a stunning connection to the garden, but they also flood the garden room space with natural light. Easily accessible, bifold doors are the perfect addition for households of all ages. The large 4m bifold doors span across the room to maximise natural light and create a bright, open space.

Contemporary Windows

 A unique oculus, or circle window, has been added on the opposite wall to the bifold doors, creating a stunning feature. Placing a window on both sides of the room maximises natural light income from all sides of the garden room. A 1m x 2m glass window has also been added to further increase natural light.

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