Large Contemporary Garden Room – Southend-on-Sea, Essex

We are pleased to have completed this beautiful, contemporary modern garden room in Southend, Essex, chosen by our client from our Modern range. The cladding on this bespoke modern garden room is composite on the front sides with an MGO rear, complete with a stunning set of bifold doors and windows. The bifold doors are a perfect and luxurious way to complete the contemporary garden room while staying true to the clients’ aesthetical needs.

Every single one of our luxurious garden rooms is bespoke and allows our clients to choose the type of garden room they desire, which includes the size, shape, and appearance both inside and out.

It was important to our client that their modern garden room did not over dominate in their garden, but was still tailored to every single one of their needs. Having a garden room that is stylish, inviting and encourages social interaction was also important to our client and this is made apparent by the bar.

The aesthetic choice of black against the paler wood allows for a classy and dramatic effect, enough to bring the eye to focus on the drinks behind the bar! Being a mixologist is fashionable and being able to drink from the comfort of your own garden room bar with friends and family is ideal, as there is no need to worry about the last call, who is buying who the next round, and the party can continue until you see fit.

Luxury garden gym and fitness studio
Luxury garden room gym in Essex

A seating area that complements the colour scheme of this prestigious garden room is sat in front of the television, which the client can use for group activities such as playing (drinking) games or watching the football – making the garden room sociable, which was a paramount need for the client. However, when friends and family aren’t over, the luxurious garden room can double up as a place to relax at the weekend, or a cosy space to watch a film as a family.

The bifold doors are a great way to open the space from inside to out, making for a sociable layout. The patio outside the garden room allows our client to decide if they want to decorate it with outside furniture such as a seating area, potted plants or even a hot tub! There is no such thing as limited designs with a Hawksbeck garden room – the possibilities are endless!

With aircon installed, the client can control the temperature of their garden room easily if they feel the need to cool off in the upcoming summer heat! Similarly, the stylish and modern spotlights installed offer additional light and create a flawless, modern aesthetic.

With the spotlights being built into the ceiling, the lights provide all-over coverage with perfect light levels and without any unwanted, hanging wires – making this garden room perfect for hosting in the evenings!

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We are SO happy with our garden room, it has exceeded our expectations. The construction team (Glen and Tom) worked so hard to get it constructed so speedily and to a very high specification. Any snags we had were quickly and efficiently resolved by Ellie.

Having this garden room has given our teenagers the freedom to socialise without disturbing us or the neighbours (it helps it is almost totally soundproof!).

Best thing we ever did!

Justine, Southend-On-Sea, Essex

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