Bespoke Garden Room – Kent

Hawksbeck Garden Rooms completed this garden adult social space in Kent, constructing a bespoke garden room from our Modern range. This customised garden room sports a porch overhang and an aluminium powder-coated trim on the front fascia, which is a stunning touch. This trim ties into the grey and dark blue colour scheme used in the interior of this garden bar, creating a polished style that is sure to impress guests.

Our teams designed the perfect social space for our clients, who wanted a home bar and enough space to relax with their friends and family following the pandemic. Our clients decorated their spacious garden room with a sitting area, with a mounted television, and a small computer area which is set back into the rear of the garden room. Next to this space, our clients have brought in a pool table, with low-level grey stools to perch on. Finally, along the right side of their bespoke garden room, our clients have their own bar area, with their own drink’s fridge and display shelves.

The bar area is a gorgeous space in this contemporary garden room for several reasons. The mirrors placed behind the glass shelving holding the alcohol bottles, reflects the warm light from the drop lights above them. The bottles and mirrors twinkle with this gorgeous lighting, giving a similar effect to having fairy lights around the bottles. The sleek, modern white cupboards also help to reflect the light around the room, whilst also making the bar area seem set into the walls of the garden room. It is little touches like these that can make big impactful statements in the interior of your tailor-made garden room.

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Our clients wanted Hawksbeck to install several windows in the back of their garden room for ventilation, allowing fresh air to come in when hosting friends. The shape of the garden room, being slightly L-shaped to accommodate the existing features of the garden, meant that two windows could be fitted, with one of the windows being tucked away in the recessed L-section. This window helps to draw light into this darker area of the garden room and helps to add depth to the garden room when viewing it from the front.

Every Hawksbeck Garden Room is built to our client’s exact requirements, including any necessary garden landscaping around their garden room. At the front of this garden room, we connected the garden room to the existing patio area with a decked ledge, creating a step into the garden room. This has helped to distinguish the garden room from the existing garden space, giving the effect of stepping into luxury and leaving any cares or worries behind!

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