Large Garden Room Gym – Brentwood, Essex

Hawksbeck Garden Rooms recently completed this cedar clad garden room in Longaford, Essex with a garden gym and a sheltered porch area for our clients to keep their hot tub. Measuring 32sqm in total, this impressive luxury garden room has created plenty of new space that our clients can use for exercising and hosting their friends and family. The Ultimate garden room is one of our most popular garden rooms, providing the most amount of space for our clients.

From the outside, the exterior of this garden room is particularly impressive in both size and design. The European cedar cladding is a beautiful natural tan colour, that makes this garden room sit well into the surrounding landscape. The porch area gives the hot tub lots of space and is fitted with outdoor lights that will illuminate the porch and the surrounding area. To the rear of the garden room, our team has created a discreet bin storage area, which is hidden from view by the bulk of the garden room.

To enter the garden gym, our clients chose to have bifold doors at the front of the garden building, opening it up to the garden space. Along the exterior wall of the porch, our clients have a custom panel that sees onto the porch where the hot tub sits. Aesthetically, this is a gorgeous design addition, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors for this garden retreat. The luxury garden room features an overhang that creates a small front porch too, that frames the entrance to the garden room.

Luxury garden gym and fitness studio
Luxury garden room gym in Essex

Our clients only chose to have one room inside their garden room, but they could have had multiple if they had wished. The space for the hot tub covers one third of the width of the garden room, but this could have easily been another interior room with the amount of space available. This outdoor space is invaluable and can be used as a hosting space or outdoor seating area should our clients ever remove the hot tub.

The interior of the gym is bright, airy, and spacious, with mirrors lining one side wall, to both make the fitness room feel larger and for our clients to check their exercise form. The interior is monochrome, with all the gym equipment being black or grey, and the walls of the garden gym being off-white. This makes the room feel focused and clean, which is the perfect interior for a home gym.

In terms of the finer details, our clients personalised their garden room in several ways to accommodate their needs and tastes. Our clients wanted a television mounted on the wall, so they could watch the news and workout videos whilst exercising. Above the mounted TV, our clients also chose to have an air conditioning unit, to help keep the garden room cool in the summer months. This will allow them to stay cool whilst working out on summer days.

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