Contemporary Garden Room – Brentwood, Essex

The team at Hawksbeck Garden Rooms have recently completed this luxurious, contemporary garden room from our Modern Range in Brentwood, Essex. The cladding on this modern garden room is cedar, complete with bifolding doors and a small overhang to provide shelter.

The size, shape appearance and type of this modern garden room are always built with our client’s needs in mind, making Hawksbeck’s garden rooms not only luxurious and high-end but also bespoke and tailored to the specific individual. Every client of Hawksbeck can decide on their cladding, flooring, glazing, bathroom sanitary ware, and our media options. This is how Hawksbeck turns a client’s dream garden room into a reality.

This luxurious contemporary garden room features an enlarged space with a pool table, a leather couch, bar stools and a flatscreen TV mounted on the wall which all make for a perfect games room to socialise in with family and friends. The bifolding aluminium doors offer an excellent way of flooding the inside space with natural light, while also creating an open plan feeling that ties together this stylish modern garden room with the rest of the garden. This type of door is aesthetically pleasing and helps to encourage social interaction between the inside and outside.

Luxury garden gym and fitness studio
Luxury garden room gym in Essex

This tailor-made garden room also has LED spotlights installed into the ceiling to ensure that the space is always well lit. Spotlight LED’s are energy efficient and can run for tens of thousands of hours without failing, making them the perfect fit for an energy-efficient modern garden room, which can be used even in the colder months and when the days get darker. To ensure the temperature of this garden room can be heated on those colder days, a fuse spur radiator has been installed. This means the client can use their garden room for a game of pool no matter the time of day or season!

Our client has chosen a light blue colour to paint the inside walls of their stylish garden room, which is refreshing, friendly and symbolises freedom. Light blue also makes the interior look and feel more spacious. This, paired with the bifolding glass doors visually increases the size of the room and creates the illusion of more light. Light is critical in making spaces look larger because it creates reflections to minimise shadows.

Hawksbeck’s luxurious garden room has been built onto the grass in the client’s garden with full foundations. It was extremely important to our client that the garden room was the main focal point of their outside space and if their tastes change over time, it would be hassle-free and simple to decorate and landscape the area around the garden room. This can be done with either more patio, potted plants, or outside garden furniture such as tables and chairs.

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