Garden Games Room & Recording Studio – Northwood, London

Join us as we take another in depth look at one of our recently completed garden room projects in a sun-soaked garden in Northwood, London. This luxury garden room has been designed by our clients with the help of the Hawksbeck team with old-school fun and modern function in mind, purpose-built to double up as a retro arcade games room to house the clients growing arcade game collection as well as a productive, quiet vlog recording studio and garden office. This modern and contemporary designed garden room is truly one to take design ideas and inspiration from.

Striking modern range exterior

The striking charcoal-coloured dura composite-clad garden room demands attention as soon as you enter the client’s lush green back garden, with the exterior of the bespoke garden room space very much drawing you in. The large garden room has an extensive square footage measuring 24 meters. It is an excellent example of how you can put a bespoke twist on one of our standard modern range garden room designs, thanks to the addition of a 500mm roof overhang.

Garden Room Roof overhang and decking area

As you walk down to the bespoke garden room, following the grey paved path that cuts through the client’s lush green lawns, you will notice a bespoke 500mm roof overhang, providing both shade and shelter over the Millboard decking, that has been laid to mirror the roofs overhang.

This overhang and decking combination helps to frame and section the garden room from its stunning garden setting. Furthermore, it’s a beautiful and functional exterior combination, providing shelter from the elements and an optional outdoor summer seating area. This is  ideal for garden furniture and great for creating a seamless flow from the garden room’s interior to the garden when the bi-fold doors are open.

contemporary garden room london
garden games room london

Crittle effect bifold doors

Another external design feature that demands attention is the gorgeous Crittle effect bifold doors, which blend seamlessly into the garden room’s charcoal cladding due to the clients opting to have the colour of their unique bi-folds in a matching charcoal colour. These ultra-trendy crittle effect doors are a popular design choice in 2023 because they add an extra level of sophistication and beauty without sacrificing functionality.

Open-plan interior 

Moving into the interior of the custom-designed garden room, through the bi-fold doors, you are welcomed into a fresh, light, and airy open plan space decorated in a calming white and fitted with practical wood flooring throughout. To the left-hand side of the garden room space, you will notice a large desk, complete with recording equipment and several monitor screens, ideal for recording and editing vlogs.

To the right of the space, you are greeted by two retro arcade machines that inject a sense of fun and a vibrant pop of colour to the garden room’s fresh white interior, with plenty of space around the machines for those intense and competitive retro gaming sessions.

The interior also features an adaptable seating area, with armchairs that can be easily moved around the space to work around the garden room’s functions. The addition of seating also provides our clients with an area to relax with friends and family and a comfortable space to sit and come up with new vlog ideas, all whilst making the most of the luxury garden rooms’ stunning garden views.

Practical interior technology

The garden room’s interior is full of nifty technology. The space has been fitted with WIFI controlled light switches, allowing our clients to manage their garden room’s lighting from anywhere over WIFI, a handy feature if you need to improve at remembering to turn off lights. The garden room has also been installed with a designer air conditioning unit, ensuring the room stays at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Get in touch! 

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“Hawksbeck Garden Rooms are probably one of the best in the world at what they do. I do not say that lightly – I have the evidence (a stunning garden room that is the envy of anyone who sees it) to prove it.

I was looking at various companies and spoke to as many as 5 or 6 in detail, and Hawksbeck stood out miles above the rest from the get-go. Jon came and saw me personally to understand what I wanted and gave me a detailed no-obligation quotation at a competitive price. The level of detail in the quote was excellent and above and beyond what anyone else had shown.

Throughout the initial stage (before offering them the job), I asked so many questions, but Jon had answers for all of them. He was extremely knowledgeable and spent time making sure I made the right decisions on every aspect of the project, things such as the right material to use for my garden type, how to set the windows, what type of doors, and the list goes on.

I love little details and must have driven them crazy, but Jon seemed to revel in it and was more than happy to spend a lot of time making sure everything was perfect BEFORE the build even started. No other company was willing to do this with me.

Obviously, you never know how things will turn out when they are still only on paper, but I need not have worried. All the lads that work for Hawksbeck were superstars working incredibly hard to make sure that my garden room was finished to an incredibly high standard. I was put in a Whatsapp group and assigned a project manager who was incredible. She made sure every step was managed immaculately. If I had questions or wanted changes mid-project, it was dealt with with minimal fuss.

Words cannot do the experience I had with Hawksbeck justice; the pictures speak for themselves. I have been in my garden room at the back of my garden for a few months now, and it is on par, if not better, than any room in any building in the world.

Let’s be honest you can have a garden room built for £20k, but you can also spend £100k on the same thing. I did have a wide range of quotes, and with Hawksbeck, I spent around £60k, but I got a £100k room. When I compared all 5 or 6 companies, I would say Hawksbeck are absolute top-end luxury/premium build at reasonable prices. Extremely affordable given the level of quality of materials and craftsmanship applied.

What that means is I don’t think per pound spent you will find any other company that comes remotely close to giving you what you want and building something that will wow but also last many years. So whether you want a small room and are on a smaller budget or have a massive project – as the pictures show, you will not find a better company out there!!! Good luck with your project!”

Neerav, Project Owner

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