Music Garden Studio – Brentwood, Essex

This garden room music studio in Brentwood, Essex, is a haven for all musicians! Our client wanted a bespoke garden room with very specific requirements and this garden room studio was designed and built with music in mind. This meant we needed to ensure we had safe electrical outputs in place and that the walls were insulated. Our client also had the choice of the appearance of their garden music studio as every garden room we build is bespoke to the client. They chose a classic design from our range with a sliding door, Cedral Weather Board and MGO cladding in a size of 17.5 sqm.

To ensure the garden studio is well insulated, we use ground-breaking materials called SIP’s (structurally insulated panels) with every Hawksbeck garden room. This material is stronger than traditional building methods and a garden room can be constructed in just a few days’ time but most importantly for this client, it is a better insulating material than others.

The black sliding doors have windowed panels, which flood the light into the music studio. But not only does it allow the client to control the temperature of the room and brighten the inside up, but the black also echoes the colour of the cladding. The black choice is a particularly bold and striking look which is sure to turn the heads of friends and family!

Our client has opted for white walls. Paired with this, the natural light that streams through the windows and sliding doors create an optical illusion which makes the garden music studio appear bigger and more spacious on the inside. This is a clever design choice, as it is a great way to create the illusion of more space without making the garden studio bigger. The client has also had a blue feature wall behind their computer designed. This transforms the look and feel of the studio, providing extra depth and dimension. It’s a simple, yet very effective way to further add personality to a garden room.

Multi room garden room in Herts
Herts garden room with kitchen and bathroom

To ensure our client doesn’t get too cold in the winter months in their garden studio, when practising their musical talents, we have also installed a radiator. This can take the chill off in the mornings but can also keep the client warm throughout the day. With the sliding doors, the client has full control of the temperature of their music studio in the warmer months. When working with us to design and build the garden room of your dreams, we always offer a full turnkey service. This means there is no need to get in other tradesmen and everything is managed by us.

As this garden music studio contains musical equipment, it was important to our client that we installed storage. Attached to the white walls of the garden room are specialist hooks that can store guitars in an aesthetic fashion. Not only does this add an extra dimension of design, but it is perfect storage for music lovers and guitarists!

This garden music studio is fully bespoke and speaks to all music-lovers! Are you enticed and fancy your own? We would love to hear from you. Call us today on 01244 515 486, or send us an email at Our AR showroom is the perfect way to see how one of our luxury garden rooms would fit into your garden. You can also follow our Instagram or Facebook page for extra inspiration!

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