Luxury Garden Room Gym – Cambridge

The talented team at Hawksbeck Garden Rooms have completed yet another stunning and luxurious garden room. This garden room gym is based in Newton, Cambridge, and is from our modern range. It features Cedar and MGO cladding and french-styled patio doors, all of which were chosen by the client. Every garden room building we create is completely bespoke and personally tailored to our clients needs. This includes the size, shape, doors, cladding and both the inside and outside appearance of the garden room building.

Our client’s wish was for their contemporary garden room to blend perfectly into their outside space, without dominating.  A path to the patio of their luxury garden room was also very important to them.  At Hawksbeck, it is important to us that we accomplish our client’s unique requirements.  This means that all our garden rooms are 100% bespoke, meaning no garden room we make will ever look identical to another.

Upon first glance, it may look like this luxury garden room is a home gym, but in fact we have optimised the space so our client could also work from their garden building. Tucked away in the corner is a sink with plumbing connected by the Hawksbeck team, allowing for our client to get water, or to make a coffee as and when they need. There is also a stand-up desk situated to the opposite corner, meaning our client can work from their computer in front of their garden room doors, which flood the natural light in. This means there is no need to use electricity with lights, and the client can enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D all while working from the luxurious comfort of their multi-purpose garden room.

Not only have we utilised the space for a gym and a home office, but we have also included enough areas for storage. Amongst the standing desk, there are also large cabinets with different options for storage, such as empty spaces for books, journals and draws for stashing away computer-related peripherals for devices, wires, etc. Having space and stylish ways to store your belongings in both your home and garden room is hugely useful, as it not only allows you more space for a healthier, more enjoyable environment, but it also adds on more value to your garden room, should you come to sell.

The gym equipment in this garden room laces perfectly into the space, allowing for private home workouts. As it is the client’s personal space, they can track their progress easily and efficiently without having to wait around for machines to free up, as they might in a gym.

Luxury garden gym and fitness studio
Luxury garden room gym in Essex

The glass windows on the French door allows natural sunlight to brighten the room and with the spotlights fixed into the ceiling it makes the garden room building a brightly lit space, which is essential for a home gym and a great workout!

It is also worth mentioning that not only have we installed radiators for cooler weather, but we have installed electrics, allowing for multiple plug sockets around the garden room building. This means the client can install their own measures of keeping their garden room cool – especially when working out in the summer sun, such as fans. Air conditioning units are also an option for Hawksbeck clients when it comes to designing your garden room.

As well as a sink, we have also installed a bathroom, allowing for the client to cool and clean off after their workout. Bathrooms are very stylish, convenient, and useful to have inside a garden room gym, especially since it is in the exact area as the gym equipment, cutting out the journey from the garden room gym back to the house.

If you are thinking about having your own stunning Hawksbeck garden room or a garden room gym and are located in Newton, Cambridge, or in the surrounding area, please get in touch with a member of our team today on 01244 515 486, or email us

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We are very pleased with our garden annex built by Hawksbeck. The whole process ran smoothly from design to completion. All members of the team were very polite, helpful and hardworking. We were kept updated at each stage and the annex was build in a short amount of time. We would recommend Hawksbeck for their high quality finish.

Lisa, Cambridge

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