Luxury Garden Therapy Studio Room – Dorking, Surrey

This luxury classic garden studio room has recently been completed by the Hawksbeck team in Dorking, Surrey. This garden building is tucked away at the back of the garden, surrounded by flowers, trees and nature. It was important to our client that the garden studio was not the main focal point of the outside space but instead blended in with the rest of the garden. The cladding on this classic garden room is cedar and features a front aluminium bifolding door and a rear French u-PVC door.

Our client needed their luxurious garden studio to be built with their profession in mind. As a therapy studio room, it was critical that the garden room was built around nature and blended in with it, while being large and spacious enough to contain two people, a therapy bed, storage for equipment and other small furnishings such as inside house plants.

The bifolding aluminium doors offer an excellent way of not only blending the inside to the outside space but also allowing natural light to flood the garden room, both warming and lighting it up. The therapy bed is centred perfectly to align with the direction of sunlight and on days that are perhaps a little darker, our client has energy-efficient led spotlights installed so the therapy sessions can continue. Lighting is an important part of a garden studio room and should always be considered during the early planning stages, taking into account the areas of the garden room where natural light may be limited.

Luxury garden gym and fitness studio
Luxury garden room gym in Essex

Due to our client using their luxurious garden room as a therapy room, it was critical that there were several plugs installed for any electronics the client may need to use during the therapy sessions. Alongside the plug sockets, the experienced team at Hawksbeck also installed a fuse spur radiator so the client could heat the garden room and continue to use their therapy room for their business no matter the weather or season.

The peach colour of the walls is not only friendly and pleasant but also symbolises vitality; a type of positive energy which can be important to feel before a therapy session. Not only this, but the peach colour used makes the white equipment stand out in contrast, making for an aesthetically pleasing and stunning garden studio room.

The shape, size, appearance and type of garden room are bespoke to our clients individual needs and aesthetic preferences. Every client of Hawksbeck can decide on their cladding, flooring, glazing, sanitary ware, and our media options which makes for a perfectly tailored and luxurious garden room.

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We are extremely pleased with our Hawksbeck garden room and very happy with how the project went from beginning until end. The team is very responsive and professional. I would highly recommend Hawkshead garden rooms to anyone looking for one. Now that the project has been completed we enjoy spending more time in the garden room than inside our house! Thank you

Lucia, Dorking, Surrey

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