Modern Garden Room Gym – Ongar, Essex

Hawksbeck completed this modern garden gym for our clients in Ongar, Essex, who chose a Hawksbeck Garden Room from our Classic Range. With an existing large tree in their garden, our clients wanted a garden room which worked around their existing garden space, which our team was happy to design.

This garden gym has all the fitness equipment you could need in a home gym, with a weights section, exercise bike and treadmill. Most notably, this contemporary garden room also has a sauna inside! The gorgeous wooden exterior of the sauna matches the cladding of the garden room, providing a vibrant yet natural appearance.

The L-shape of this modern garden room works well for how it functions as a gym. The unusual shape creates segments for different types of exercise, with cardio being separate to the weights and resistance section. A Hawksbeck Garden Room can be designed to suit your unique needs in many ways. This garden room gym is a good example of how each garden room is bespoke to our clients tastes, garden space and budget.

Our clients wanted a shower room to use after their workouts and chose a bright contrasting colour scheme of blue and yellow to decorate it. The bright yellow shower tiles are a great way to create a vibrant space that is as energetic as our clients feel after a tough workout! You can choose how many rooms you want in your garden room, including bathrooms, kitchens and storage spaces.

Luxury garden gym and fitness studio
Luxury garden room gym in Essex

To increase the amount of natural lighting in this Essex garden gym, we installed bifold doors at the front of the garden room. Bifold doors are one of the most popular options of external doors, as they save on space and can open your garden room fully to your garden. They are a great way of increasing ventilation too, which is an important feature for a gym.

To supplement the natural ventilation from the bifold door, we also installed a window in the L-section of the garden room. Our clients also chose to have an air conditioning unit in their garden gym, to make sure they are comfortable in the hot summer months.

Every Hawksbeck Garden Room is built using Structurally Insulated Panel’s, which offer unrivalled levels of insulation, keeping your modern garden room warm in the winter and cool in the summer months. These materials are produced in a zero-carbon factory and will last for over 60 years.

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