At Hawksbeck Garden Rooms, every single garden room we design, plan and construct are entirely bespoke to our clients. From the big decisions to the smallest details, we work with our clients to make sure they receive their perfectly designed garden room. It can be overwhelming when you first start thinking about your garden room design, but we have some top tips to help you get off to the best start on your garden room journey!

Firstly, the best decision to make is what you are going to use your garden room for, and what your budget is. We have a range of different garden room designs which are different sizes and are suited to several uses.

If you want a garden gym, you will most likely want to have designed a bigger garden room, with space for equipment and to move around.

If you are planning a garden room for an office space, you may want a smaller, cosier garden room that only needs to have enough space for a desk and small bathroom.

Once you have decided what you will be using your garden room for, you can then start to look at the different types of designs for garden room and choose one which best suits your needs and budget.

Garden room and garden office designservice in Essex
Luxury garden room design in Essex
Luxury garden office design in Essex

Now the fun part begins, and you can start planning how you want your garden room to look! By using our virtual showroom, you can see each of our garden rooms in your garden space, being able to walk inside them and see how the size feels for you and your garden. Walk around and think about where you want certain bits of furniture, if you want several rooms instead of one, and what type of glazing you would like.

You can choose to have glass panelling on one side, two sides or all sides of your garden room if you wish, with either bifold, sliding or patio doors to accompany them. Having enough natural light in your garden room will be important if you are using it as a working space, so think carefully about how much light you want!

You will need to consider how many rooms you would like in your garden room, as a Hawksbeck Garden Room lasts over 60 years, so it needs to meet your needs over that time.

We recommend having a small bathroom, as this means your garden room is self-contained and can be easily changed into a guest annexe if needed. You can have a small toilet room, or you can choose to have a luxurious bathroom, it is entirely your choice.

For those creating a guest annexe, you may want to consider having a kitchen area as well as a bathroom, so your guests can be completely independent.

If you are considering having a garden room designed for your garden space, call the Hawksbeck Garden Rooms team on 01277 414 586 today! Take a look at our new virtual showroom if you want to see what a Hawksbeck Garden Room looks like in your space.