Multifunctional Home Office Garden Room – Upminster, Essex

This luxurious and bespoke multi-room home office garden room was built by the Hawksbeck team in Upminster, Essex. Having a garden room office which was large enough to contain a small team of people, computers, desks, and a bathroom was vital for our client. Not only this, but our client chose to have a classic garden room the size of 24 sqm with a grey French u-PVC door and composite cladding. Every single garden room we make is bespoke and individual to each client’s needs.

Inside this multi-room home garden office in Upminster, Essex is enough space to contain a small number of people, alongside an air conditioning unit which is used by the client to control the temperature. With several people working inside this home garden office, it is important the temperature is kept cool. Alongside this, the French doors can be opened to circulate airflow. In the colder months, we have also installed an electric heater to take the chill out of cool mornings. Employee health and safety are important, so it was vital we got this right.

Not only is appropriate heating and cooling a must in a home garden office but so is an area to make food and drink. We have installed a small kitchenette area which is made up of a microwave, a kettle dishwasher and a sink.

garden offices essex
garden offices essex

The bathroom in this bespoke multi-room garden office in Upminster is sleek and elegant with its timeless white look. White bathrooms are also a great option if a bathroom space lacks windows or natural light, as it creates the illusion of a bigger room. We have also installed an extractor fan for our client, which helps to keep the air of high quality while reducing the chance of condensation.

Because of the amount of electrical equipment in this home office, it was an absolute necessity that our client had outstanding connectivity. We hard-wired armoured Cat6 cables from the client’s internet router to the garden room office. We also used armoured cabling from the consumer unit within the client’s house to the consumer unit within their garden room office. This ensures electricity flows from the home to the garden room so all the electrical equipment such as computers and kettles can be used and the internet.

Installed to the roof of the multi-room garden room office are spotlights. Spotlights are a fantastic option for garden rooms, as LEDs have a lifespan several times longer than incandescent bulbs, but they also have a lot more energy effect, which keeps in line with our green credentials. LEDs also perform better than fluorescent lamps, making them the most viable option for lighting.

If you are considering a multi-room home office garden room based in Upminster, Essex, or in a surrounding area, we would love to hear from you! Please give us a call at 01244 515 486, or send us an email at We also have an AR showroom showing you how one of our luxury garden rooms would fit, look, and feel in your garden.

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