Prestige Garden Room – Hutton Mount, Essex

Previously, the site of this prestige garden room was a weathered, run-down play area that was not being used. Our team cleared the existing space and constructed a bespoke luxury garden room which is absolutely stunning! This Classic Hawksbeck garden room was built in Hutton Mount, Essex, for our friendly clients.

There are lots of stand-out features for this garden room, but the first feature most guests will notice is the jacuzzi space. To create the perfect hot tub space that can be used in all weather, our clients wanted an overhang to shelter the jacuzzi from bad weather. They also wanted to have increased privacy in this area so chose to have a privacy screen placed to one side of the jacuzzi space. The result is an eye-catching, luxury hot tub garden room, perfect for lazy evenings in the summer!

Next to the jacuzzi, our clients wanted to have an outdoor space to relax with friends around a fire pit. Our team landscaped the garden, fitting beautiful decking to make their dream a reality. The dark grey colour of the decking compliments the grey colours of the jacuzzi, fire pit and garden room interior, making the cedar cladding stand-out even more.

Inside the elegant garden room, the luxury continues, with everything you could possibly want in a garden room. Our clients wanted a garden office to work from, with a standing desk to keep themselves active in the day. And for those hard days at work? There is also a small wine fridge tucked away in the corner…

Luxury garden gym and fitness studio
Luxury garden room gym in Essex

Next to this space they have chosen to create a small home gym, equipped with an exercise bike, weight area and punching bag. The fitted tv screen in front of this space allows our guests to watch exercise classes whilst they sweat out their stresses too. The down lights in the ceiling provide the light needed to keep this room bright and focused, for completing work or doing an intense workout.

Our clients wanted their luxury garden room to be completely self-contained, choosing to have a small washroom inside. Whilst small, it fulfils their needs perfectly, allowing them to continue working or working out without having to take a rest break over in their main home.

The finishing touches from our clients make this room truly unique, with a bright pink neon sign adding a touch of personality and flair. Every Hawksbeck Garden Room is built to our unique clients tastes and preferences, allowing them to express their creativity whilst also providing them with a functional space.

If you are considering a garden room in your garden space, contact the Hawksbeck team on 01277 414 586 to discuss how we can make your dream space a reality. Not sure if a garden room suits your space? Use our Virtual Showroom to see what our fully customisable garden rooms look like in your garden.

Really pleased with the garden room. Jon and the team worked hard to build an amazing space in the garden. What was once an old weathered play area tucked away in the corner of the garden is now the focal point with a fantastic office/gym and a place to relax in the summer.

Great job, very happy with our garden room by hawksbeck!

Tomas, Hutton Mount, Essex

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