Shenfield Garden Rooms

Shenfield is the home of Hawksbeck Garden Rooms, with many of our first projects being completed in this area. In Shenfield Hawksbeck Garden Rooms made its name for itself, developing a reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and excellent customer care. We take pride on all of our garden room projects in Essex, and the projects we have completed in Shenfield are some of the best we have ever completed!

Shenfield is a vibrant place that is home to many families who have family members working in the centre of London. With excellent transport links and beautiful countryside surrounding it, Shenfield is a beautiful place to live. For those needing extra space in their home, it can be incredibly difficult to move away from such an attractive area. However, moving away does not need to be your only option, with Hawksbeck Garden Rooms adding up to 40 cubic metres of usable living space to your property…

A Hawksbeck Garden Room is designed to last over 60 years, being built with industry leading Structurally Insulated Panel’s that are eco-friendly, fully recyclable and great at keeping your heating costs low. With this brilliant material, your garden room will be perfectly insulated in every season of the year, without any additional heating costs to you. Not only that, but the cedarwood cladding your garden room will have on its exterior comes in beautiful, natural colourings, like our popular favourite European red cedarwood cladding. Your garden room will look stunning on inside and the outside with the high-end materials we use.

Bespoke garden rooms in Essex
Music garden room Essex
Small Yoga Studio in Essex

A Shenfield garden room can be used for absolutely anything you want or need, including a garden room office and garden annexe. As all our projects are built to building regulations and designed to last over 60 years, they make the perfect guest space for friends and family to stay in whilst visiting you in Shenfield. You can rent out your guest annex garden room to Shenfield visitors too, as our garden rooms are designed to be lived in and slept in with our high-quality design and construction process.

 We have many case studies that you can browse through featuring our Shenfield Garden Rooms. We have completed a garden room office, garden room gym, artists’ studio, music studio and more! If you have any questions about having a Shenfield garden room, or want to get a quote for your Shenfield garden room, contact the team today! You can reach us on 01277 414 586 or by filling out an enquiry form to the right of this page. Our teams are under hot demand currently, so start your Hawksbeck Garden Room process soon to get your garden room this summer.

Bespoke Garden Room In Essex.

Garden Office & Conference Room, Shenfield

Sarah and Nic contacted Hawksbeck in order to design and build a bespoke garden room to be used as an artist studio.  This beautiful garden studio was built complete with two rooms, a kitchen and separate shower room and toilet.

Contemporary garden room in Essex.

Garden Room Gym, Shenfield

Martin and Amanda were looking for a bespoke solution at the end of their garden. They wanted a home gym where they could exercise in peace while enjoying being surrounded by their beautiful garden.

Best garden rooms in Essex.

Artist’s Studio, Shenfield

Marion and Mark came to us with a design brief of an artist studio where they could be creative whilst enjoying their quiet, tranquil garden.

Luxury garden room in Essex.

Drummer’s Garden Studio, Shenfield

Torstein and Clare approached Hawksbeck with a brief to build a drummer’s studio for their son. It had to be near enough to the house so it was only a short walk away, but not too near that they could hear the drummers when their son’s band was rehearsing. A Hawksbeck Modern garden room was chosen as the perfect design.
Guest Annexe Suite, Essex

Garden Living Area & Gym, Shenfield

A stunning example of a garden room gym and social space, designed and built by the Hawksbeck Garden Rooms team for our clients in Shenfield, Essex.

Small Yoga Studio in Essex

Yoga Studio Garden Room, Shenfield

Our client wanted a tranquil space to practice yoga and meditation at their home in Shenfield, Essex. With a beautiful garden space, a Hawksbeck Garden Room was the perfect luxury option.

contemporary garden room in Essex

Garden Gym & Swimming Pool Room, Shenfield

A gorgeous swimming pool annexe from our Modern range, giving our clients the space to workout and enjoy their garden! With Composite Cladding, this garden room stands out from the rest and makes a statement in this Essex garden.

Luxuyr garden studio in Essex

Garden Studio Room, Shenfield

A delightfully spacious garden studio, with a multi-functional room our clients can enjoy. This room will function as a therapy room and gym!

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