How to create a Bespoke Garden Room Gym

It’s that time of year, where staying motivated to maintain your workout routine can feel like a real battle, especially when you’re having to travel to the gym for your morning or evening fitness session in the dark and freezing cold. We understand this struggle well and by investing in the creation of a Hawksbeck bespoke garden room gym you can maintain your personal fitness goals all year round.

We are no strangers to creating luxury garden room gyms and have worked on countless fitness studio projects over the last few years.  Our garden room gyms come complete with air conditioning, integrated media systems and ensuite shower rooms.  With home gyms becoming increasing popular, how do you go about creating one?

Design criteria for creating the perfect garden room gym 

Whether you lift weights, meditate, or focus on cardio, Hawksbeck have a garden room gym  design and size perfect for you, with any of our garden room ranges being suitable to function as a gym fitness studio. We have created high spec gyms in all our garden room ranges, so start by exploring them and pick the design you like the most.

Air flow

At Hawksbeck we love large bi-folding doors and for a workout space having the option to open a big door and let the fresh air flow in is a necessity. Big expanses of glass will also let the light flood in, creating that all important light and airy atmosphere.

Electrical connection

This is critical for powering any fitness equipment you may choose to have in your garden room gym. Whether that’s a rowing machine or a treadmill, it will need a source to power from.   You will be able to discuss electrical plans with your Hawksbeck design consultant, who can suggest the appropriate number of power sockets.


It is worth considering lighting options when designing a garden room gym, as you want the space to feel bright and airy. Many garden room gym clients opt for spotlights or downlights; however, if you want to create lighting that is truly unique you could always opt for the installation of quirky LED lighting. At Hawksbeck we can meet any of your lighting design needs.

Hard wood floors

Hard wood flooring is a very popular flooring choice within our garden room gyms. There are several key benefits of hard wood flooring – firstly it is easy to clean, as well as being very durable.  Hard wood flooring will be able to withstand the heavy movements of a HIIT workout session.

Interior colours – Opt for a fresh natural colour like white or light grey and if you’re feeling daring, consider pairing this with a bright feature wall to add a pop of fun and colour to the space. Consider motivating blue tones and pick me up greens to bring the space to life.

Bathroom and Plumbing

Having a bathroom designed into your garden room gym, complete with tiled shower is a convenient yet luxurious addition to complement your home workout. Having access to a washroom space in your garden room is super handy for those refreshing post workout showers, and it also saves you having to run back and forth to your house, every time you need the toilet.

To find out more…

We are pioneers in the garden room gym industry and create only the most luxurious, bespoke, garden room gyms and fitness studios created with the best materials on the market. Get in touch for your free site survey today at 01277 414586 or email us at Visit the case study section on our website to find out about our most recent garden room gym projects and to gather that all-important design inspiration for your very own exciting gym project.