Garden Room Designs; How to Design Your Garden to Accommodate a Garden Room

Having a garden is a luxury in and of itself, especially in the rapidly growing housing market and with many cities expanding into green spaces. To retain the value of your home, or even to boost it, you may wonder how you can style your garden to match your garden room for a fully cohesive environment. There are many ways you can do this, with other luxurious features that will suit your garden and garden room perfectly.

A Hawksbeck Garden Room is entirely bespoke, being designed to your specific tastes and preferences. With this in mind, you are in total control of how you want your luxury garden room to look on the inside and on the outside!

There are a variety of different cladding options you can choose from, which each have a distinct appearance on your garden room exterior. You can choose from these cladding options:





The Western red wood cedar cladding is a popular option due to its natural but strong colouring, which simultaneously stands out and fits in with the natural environment. Its deep colour looks luxurious against the greenery of the garden space, whereas the green colour of the larch cladding will make your garden room blend into the surroundings.

Luxury garden room in Essex
Prestige garden room in Essex

In a recent project we completed, our clients chose to have a Hawksbeck Garden Room as a poolside retreat, with dark composite cladding. The bright blue of the pool helped to make the dark garden room look balanced in the garden space, creating a stunning garden landscape.

A swimming pool is always a great addition to a garden if you have the space and budget for it, and a garden room can be a good way of having outdoor facilities that make using your pool easier and quicker! Whether you choose to have a wet room, garden bathroom or exercise space to accompany your pool, your luxury garden building will go swimmingly next to your pool.

To create a smooth transition from your garden space to your garden room, you can consider having paving or decking to connect the two. Having a patio space can be a great addition next to your garden room, as it can create a second option of where to host guests. In the summer, you can have drinks on the patio with a barbeque, or in the winter you can host guests inside on sofas and cosy chairs.

If you want to give your luxury garden room more privacy, you can have fencing around your garden space that matches the colour of your garden room cladding. This can give your garden space a premium appearance, organising your garden space and creating firm divisions between separate areas of your garden. To see a great example of this, take a look at our case studies!

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