We are going through one of the worst energy price hikes we have seen in decades, with energy firms going bust every month! When it comes to garden buildings, there is a common misconception that garden rooms are not fully insulated, but this is not the case at Hawksbeck. We ensure our garden rooms are fully insulated to the highest standards. It has never been more important to ensure your garden room is well insulated, keeping warmth in for the sake of the environment and your bank balance.

A fully insulated garden room is key if you want to create a liveable space in your garden. Without adequate insulation, your garden room will be cold in the winter and incredibly hot in the summer. This will make it an uncomfortable environment to be in unless you are only using your garden building for storage. At Hawksbeck Garden Rooms, we provide fully insulated garden rooms that can be used all-year round, and for many purposes.

What Makes Hawksbeck Insulated Garden Rooms Better Than the Others?

To make fully insulated garden rooms, we construct our garden buildings from Structurally Insulated Panel’s, also known as SIP’s. These are formed of two structural facings, with an insulating foam core sandwiched in-between. They are exceptionally strong and well-insulated, being up to 50% better at insulating than normal timber! SIP’s production emits less CO2 than normal timber production too, so you are using a more sustainable material for your garden room.

By using high quality materials like SIP’s, your fully insulated garden room will be suitable to live inside, passing the building regulations needed for habitation. This gives you lots more options for how you want to use your garden room, being able to use it as a guest annexe, or a rentable living area.

eco friendly garden room planted roof
Luxury large garden room and gym

How Else is a Hawksbeck Garden Room Insulated?

The Structurally Insulated Panels are not the only material in a Hawksbeck Garden Room that provide great insulation. We ensure all our glazing is of the highest standard, double-glazed for the best insulation. This applies to all windows and door options, and any custom glazing our clients may want.

For your roof, you will be able to choose from two types of materials. You can opt for a firestone EDPM, which provides a great waterproof barrier and is a durable rubber roofing membrane. It is one of the most eco-friendly roofing products on the market currently! You can then choose to have a sedum roof on top of the EDPM material, creating a ‘green-roof’, that has plants growing on it. These roof types both provide great insulation, which will hold in rising heat and keep your electricity bills low!

Hawksbeck Garden Rooms pride ourselves on our sustainable and environmentally-friendly garden rooms, helping the environment and our clients. If you are looking for a luxury garden room provider to design and build your garden room, contact us on 01277 414 586 to arrange your free site survey!