When you start the initial designs for building your garden room, you will need to consider how many rooms you would like inside of it. If you have a larger garden, and are opting for a larger garden building, you will have the option of several rooms rather than one main room, or a main room with a secondary area. Depending on what you are going to use your garden room for, you can have different types of rooms in your garden room.

For most garden buildings, you will have a main room that will be tailored to the primary function of your garden room. This may be an office space, a gym, a leisure space, or a living area such as a bedroom or kitchen. This will take up 50-80% of your garden building and is normally the first room you will walk into. If you have a small garden room, this may be the only room you have, and therefore will be built to suit the needs of its purpose.

You can have the main area of your garden room built to any purpose you desire. Recently, Hawksbeck has completed several home bars, where our clients can relax at the end of a long week and host social gatherings post-pandemic. In a recent home gym we built, our client wanted to put a self-contained sauna unit inside the main body of the room. This worked round the challenges of having a sauna as a room itself!

Large garden room
Garden room living

Slightly larger garden buildings may be able to have a secondary room. This can be used for storage, for outdoor equipment like bikes, garden furniture and child’s toys. It can be an office space if your main room has a different purpose. Or it could be a bedroom if the main room is a kitchen or living space. For many clients, it is preferred to have two rooms with the secondary room being a bathroom or small toilet.

Having an ensuite, bathroom or shower room can be a great addition to your garden room, as it makes your garden room into an independent living space. If you are creating a home office, it removes the need of disturbing your work to go into your main home for a rest break. If you have a garden room gym, you can change and shower in the gym, creating an experience that is separate to your home.

Alternatively, another “room” in your garden room that you may not consider, is the outdoor space around it. Many of our clients have opted to have a patio outside their garden room, which allows them to relax in the sun in summer and have barbeques, or campfires throughout summer into Autumn. Consider your outside space as a room and see how you want to use it!

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