Since the pandemic, there has been a huge boom in home gyms. Needless to say, people’s attitudes towards exercise have shifted and working out and using the gym has become trendy. With gyms seeing a huge surge in popularity over the past few years, we have been designing and building bespoke garden gym buildings for clients. It’s easy to understand why these types of garden rooms have seen a boom in popularity.

  • With a garden gym building, there are no more gym fees to pay
  • ‘I’ll work out tomorrow’ is no longer a valid excuse, as the gym is in your garden
  • You can create space in your own home, meaning no more weights and exercise machines are in odd places around your house
  • You have your own privacy and can work out in the comfort of your own company (or with friends and family if you prefer)

The size of your garden gym building

It’s important to consider what kind of equipment you will want to include in your garden gym building, as exercise machinery and fitness equipment can take up quite a bit of space, especially if you are a family and want to include multiple rowing machines, bikes, or treadmills. Don’t only consider the size in width, but also remember the height. All our garden rooms and garden gym studios are made to adhere to any planning permission requirements and exceed building regulation standards.

Garden gym studio
Garden Gym Building

Keeping it cool

Keeping your garden room gym cool is vital so you can get a proper workout in without overheating! Similarly, having air conditioning that also functions as a heater, which can help to take the chill off in crisp, winter mornings also helps to get the motivation flowing. Here at Hawksbeck Garden Rooms, we have fit countless air conditioning units into our garden gym buildings (even Wi-Fi-controlled ones), but we also understand windows are a necessity for getting that much-needed airflow. Bifolding doors are the best option for a garden gym building, as they allow you to fully open the entire side of your garden room, but we do have a lot of choices for different doors depending on your style and requirements. After all, all our garden rooms are fully bespoke!

Motivate yourself with Music

Because all our garden gym studios are bespoke and completely tailor-made to your needs and requirements, we can also install speakers into the walls or even the ceiling of your garden gym. This way, you don’t waste any valuable floor space for big speakers. But if you are worried about disrupting your neighbours with noise, our garden rooms are made with a ground-breaking material called SIP’s (Structurally Insulated Panels). They are stronger than traditional building methods, and most importantly for music-lovers, they are better insulating! Not only this but they can be constructed in just a few days. It’s important you don’t make music an afterthought, as it is such a massive motivator.

The Garden Gym Building Appearance

Although this strictly does not affect how you work out, it is very important at least to consider the aesthetic of your garden gym building. We have a range of options available for you, so you can pick and choose what you like the look of the most. Recently, we designed and built a garden gym building with black cedar wood. It stands out boldly against the rest of the garden and gives the gym a sleek and luxurious look. It is completely up to you and your own design choices which cladding you like and want to use for your own garden gym building.

Are you still considering your own garden gym building? We are pioneers in our industry and create only the most luxurious and bespoke garden rooms with the best materials on the market. We would love to hear from you so please call us on 01277 414586 or email us at