A garden room is multi-functional building that can be adapted for a variety of different uses past its original purpose. Your garden room can be a garden office, a garden annexe, a home bar, or a gym space, with as many rooms as you like inside. When you first design your garden room, it is important to have in mind all the future uses of your garden room, so you can ensure you have everything you need for each function.

Throughout the pandemic, garden rooms became increasingly important and popular as people started to work from home. Garden buildings can be the perfect space to work from, being removed from the stressors within the home and having plenty of natural light to create a focused workspace. To create a fully independent working space, many garden room owners have also chosen to have a small washroom or bathroom, which makes renovating a garden room for another purpose much easier.

As the world has begun to return to office spaces, many garden room owners are beginning to think about what they can repurpose their garden room into, with the most popular option being a garden room annexe. Changing a garden room office into a garden room annexe can be easy, providing you know what you need! Your annexe can be used for personal use by family friends or by paying guests if you choose to rent it out as a holiday stay or long-term rental unit. Every Hawksbeck Garden Room is built to building regulation standards, so no matter what you use your garden room for initially, you will always be able to change it into an annexe.

Firstly, it is important to consider if you will use your garden room as an annexe when you first design your garden office building. If you believe you could use it as an independent living space, you need to think about having a small shower room in your garden office. Many people already choose to do this for their office, as it gives them a place to freshen up during the workday, and it is great if you like working out or exercising during your lunchbreak.

Multi-room garden room in Essex

Secondly, in your home garden office you may like a refreshments station with a kettle, toaster, and microwave. This is a great addition for a garden annexe, as you can offer a place for breakfast or simple meals without needing to go to your main property. Adding an oven or more complex kitchen space to a garden room is fairly easy should you want to add these items in at a later date.

In the main body of your garden room office, you can quickly change the office space over into an annexe. If you have a mounted TV in your garden room, you can position a bed opposite it rather and a desk and have a bedroom. Your guests can relax in bed whilst watching TV, all from the privacy of your garden room. Any bifold or sliding doors which make your garden room less private can be covered with heavy patterned curtains, which will make you garden room feel cosier too.

Finally, the best way to make your garden room feel less like an office and more like a relaxing annexe, is to personalise it with homely belongings. Decorate the walls with hanging artwork and change any bright white bulbs to warmer lights, or add in some bedside lamps, for mood lighting.

If you are considering having a multi-functional garden room, call the Hawksbeck team today on 01277 414 586.