Life in the UK has utterly changed in the few weeks of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 lockdown. More and more of us than ever before are now working from home because of the social distancing measures introduced and our companies encouraging us to. But even after these measures are relaxed, it seems remote working is here to stay.

The Coronavirus crisis is making companies more comfortable with their employees working from home and they are seeing the benefits of it. It allows flexible working, increased productivity, a better home/work life balance and most importantly, no commuting – saving valuable time. On top of this, it is allowing us to carry on working whilst keeping social distancing measures in place, which is extremely important during this time of worry. As remote working seems to be part of our future, it may be worth considering investing in a Hawksbeck garden office.

At the moment, many of us are juggling childcare with working from home or some do not have a quiet room to escape to that is separate from the rest of the home. It has never demonstrated the need more for a dedicated home office away from the distractions of the main house. But don’t take it from us. One of our garden room clients messaged us the other day explaining how invaluable their garden room has been during the lockdown.

Theresa has a garden office from Hawksbeck in her garden in South London. She said: “Our garden room has been a haven for all of us, providing a workspace isolated from the house so we can work uninterrupted in shifts. While one of us looks after our little one, the other works. We then have Disney+ on the TV for treat time and this means we all benefit. So glad we got fully wired TV and internet!”

Best garden room, Essex
Modern garden rooms for office work

All our clients using their garden rooms as home offices have installed wifi and one has installed screens for conferencing facilities so they can really stay connected to their colleagues. Many have small kitchens and ensuites allowing them to work comfortably from their garden office all day if they wish without the need for going back into the main home.

We too at Hawksbeck are learning new ways of working remotely. We can now do virtual site surveys so you can get an itemised, accurate quote without the need of anyone stepping foot into your home or garden. Through video calling, you can show us your garden, where you would like your garden room placed, and then, with our guidance, you can take some measurements which we can then work from to give you a quote.

The health and safety of our team and our clients are paramount and this allows us to discuss your garden room requirements while keeping everyone safe. All our garden offices can be designed bespokely and once ordered in, can be assembled in a matter of a couple of weeks, meaning you can be well on your way to enjoying your new space quickly.

So as we all look set to spend more and more time at home over the coming months, discover the space that a Hawksbeck Garden room can offer you and your family at this time. We would gladly put you in touch with some of our clients so they can tell you themselves about the benefits of a garden office and the customer service they received from Hawksbeck.

Call our friendly team to discuss your garden office requirements on 01277 414 586.