As winter starts to move behind us, we can look toward the warmer seasons and the social occasions they bring. If you have struggled to host friends and family in your home in previous years, then this year may be the perfect time to get a garden room to help you host! A garden room can provide you with a guest annexe, a garden bar, or a secondary social space outside of your home.

The Guest Annexe

One of the most popular uses for a garden room, a guest annexe is a great way to host people without having your privacy invaded. You can create a complete living area in your garden room, with a full-sized bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen space. Our garden rooms are built to building regulations, allowing people to live inside them, and be completely comfortable!

You can choose both the number and type of rooms in your garden annexe. If you would like your guests to have full luxury, our Ultimate range boasts an outside canopy which is the perfect shelter for a hot tub! Spend an evening with friends in the hot tub or use the outside space for a fire pit and cosy seating – whichever you choose will create a great hosting space!

garden room with dining area
Garden room interior design

A Garden Bar

Another great social space to have in your garden room is a garden room bar. Create a stylish space to make cocktails and mocktails, pour gin and tonics, or create some incredible party food! Your fully equipped garden bar could be your new favourite haunt – for you and all your friends. Recently, Hawksbeck completed a garden room bar with its own bar tap! We created the perfect bar space, with a full kitchen that allowed our guests to keep the stress and mess of hosting outside of the family home.

A Multi-Functional Space

Of course, if you can’t choose exactly what you want for your new hosting space, you can have a multi-functional garden room. Combine the best of every option and have a space for everything you need. Keep a small kitchenette in the corner, and a bar along one wall, and keep the rest of the space as a social space with pool tables. Or, if you need a space for guests to sleep over, have one social area and a bedroom with ensuite as a spare living space.

Hawksbeck Garden Rooms has created many amazing hosting spaces over the years, which you can find out more on our case study page. If you are interested in having a garden room for summer, get in touch today on 01277 414 586 to arrange your free site survey!