Everybody loves putting their feet up after a long day, ready to watch a film on the television to unwind and relax. A home cinema can be a great way of giving yourself some space to de-stress, but it can be stressful when you have distractions in your house that can quickly steal you away from your relaxing evening. A garden room cinema is the best option for you if you want to avoid this, as you can relax in peace without any distractions, and no disturbances from anybody else at home.

There are some key aspects you should bear in mind when designing your garden room cinema to optimise your space and create the best environment to relax in. The most important feature to consider is the glazing in your garden room, as this will bring natural light into the room. Too much glazing and your garden cinema will be too light, too little and it could feel claustrophobic. The best option for your garden cinema glazing would be to have a small window for ventilation which can be easily covered with a blackout blind.

You will also need to consider your choice of external door, as these can be glazed panels that allow in lots of light. Bifold or sliding doors will bring lots of natural light into the room, so a solid French door would be preferable for a garden cinema room. If you are thinking that your garden room is going to be too dark, do not fear, because there are lots of interior lighting options which will make your cinema room look incredible.

Garden room lounge

If you want to create a modern home cinema garden room, we love the look of indirect ambient lighting under the coving of the ceiling or placed behind any pieces of furniture against a wall. This can help to set a mood in the room, perfect for when you are watching a horror or thriller and want to make it a more immersive experience!

Equally, if you want to create a cinema room which is less intense, consider using fairy lights or warm lamps which can be easily switched on or off, with a dim switch on any main lighting. You can completely change the dynamic of your cinema room through your lighting choices, so it is important to think of all your options.

Of course, the most exciting part of your garden cinema room will be decorating it and making it a comfy space! We think framing classic movie posters and having them round the room makes for the perfect decoration. To soften the edges of the room, and make the space child-friendly, you could think about putting bean bags near to the screen – which you could either have installed onto the wall or mounted as a flat-screen TV.

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