It’s a question a lot of our clients ask – is it worth having an ensuite bathroom in my garden room? Besides, it is only a short walk from the main house. We have clients who have chosen to have ensuite bathrooms or shower rooms and some who have chosen not to. Ultimately, it depends on what you want to use your garden room for.

If you plan on using your garden room as an office, we would recommend you install a WC at the very least. Keep having to travel back and forth to the main house to use the toilet would be very disruptive to your working day and prove very annoying after a time. A WC is convenient and saves a lot of time. Also, if the weather is bad, you don’t want to be constantly going out in the rain.

Also you can use the tap to fill up a kettle or coffee machine so you can make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. An essential part of anyone’s working day. You can also wash up cups there. You can of course install a kitchen area in your garden room with sink, dishwasher and oven so you can really go to town and treat yourself to some delicious work lunches! The opportunities are endless.

Garden room annex in Essex

Some of our clients have told us they have installed gym equipment in their garden office. That means they can do a gym session in their lunch hour, have a quick shower afterwards, and then get back to work straight afterwards feeling refreshed.

An ensuite is also very handy If you are using your garden room as a gym. Then you can jump in the shower straight after your workout. It divides your time and makes you feel that your workout and shower is quality time away from the main house. You can emerge from your garden room feeling energised and ready to take on whatever the day has in store for you.

Garden Annex Bedroom

If you’re planning on using your garden room as guest accommodation, then of course an ensuite is a must. Your guests will feel comfortable and relaxed in a self-contained garden room with all the facilities they need.

The great thing with installing an ensuite is that it future proofs the garden room. You may want to use the garden room as an office now but in years to come you can use it as an artist studio or as guest accommodation. An ensuite keeps the garden room flexible.

We work with a range of different bathroom and tile suppliers to accomodate all budgets. We have installed bathrooms from Victoria Plumb, CP Hart, Bath Store, Victorian Plumbing and Porcelanosa to name a few.