Christmas is a fun-filled, chocolate-fuelled time for celebration, and half of the fun of Christmas is preparing your home ready for the festivities to begin. With a bespoke garden room, there are many ways you can decorate your garden to be the perfect Christmas hideaway, whether you are decorating a garden room annexe, chill out room or garden office. So, let’s start some garden room festive decorating!

  1. Light it Up!

Christmas lights are an absolute must when decorating your garden room. If you have shelves or hanging artwork, carefully drape some white fairy lights over them to create a sparkling look in your garden room! If you have a bar area in your garden room, putting fairy lights in-between any coloured bottles can create a beautiful show of multi-coloured light splashed around the room. Another great way to add some warmer light to your garden room is by using candles. Delicate tea lights or a collection of advent candles can look great on a mantelpiece, but make sure to never leave a candle unattended in your garden room!

  1. Sprinkle Some Christmas Colours

There are some easy ways to create a Christmassy theme in your bespoke garden room, adding some splashes of Christmas colours to the interior. One of the best ways to introduce the deep reds associated with Christmas into your garden room, is through soft furnishings. If you have sofas or chairs in your garden room, use deep red cushions or throws to accessorise your room. This can bring in the Christmas colours, and make your garden room look even cosier! Another easy way of adding Christmas colours is to decorate with Christmas tinsel, wrapping it around bar stool legs, curtain rails or office table legs!

Garden room bar
  1. Deck the Halls with Decorations!

Your Christmas garden room would not be complete without some standard Christmas decorations! If you have a garden room office, why not have a table Christmas tree? You can decorate it with sparkly baubles or even hang up important work reminders to add some festive cheer into your to-do list! Some more obscure decorations could be changing your computer background to a festive image or having a festive screensaver on your TV. For those who like simplicity in their garden room, you can’t go wrong with a handful of Christmas cards too!

  1. Cosy Up

A luxury garden room is a great place to retreat to in amongst all the chaos of Christmas. If you want a space that has all the warm delightfulness of Christmas without the stress, you can create a warm inviting space to relax without going overboard with the Christmas theme. Choose dimmable lights in your bespoke garden room, and create a cosy corner with bean bags, cushions, and blankets. When you need a break from the stress of family, you can retreat to the peace and tranquillity of your garden room to read, meditate, or watch a film.

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