There are lots of features to consider when you are designing your garden room. Of course, a truly bespoke garden room such as that Hawksbeck provides requires much thought in the design phase, to ensure your garden room fits your tastes and needs perfectly. An important feature to consider will be your glazing options, which includes windows and doors in your garden room.

Natural light can alter your garden room in several ways. Increasing the amount of natural light in your space can make your space look bigger and create a more focused working space. If you choose to have minimal natural light in your garden room, you can create a warmer space that feels smaller and cosier. These two different levels of lighting can transform the space you have, and it is therefore important to consider it early on in your design process.

For a kitchen space in a guest garden annexe, you may want a small window in front of the sink. This is common in most houses because it brings in light to one of the most used areas of the home. The purpose of a small window here applies to a small kitchen or kitchenette in your garden room too. If you want to have a brightly lit kitchen space, office space, or any area that requires focus, natural light will be an important aspect to consider and plan for.

Garden room space
Elegant garden room

If you have a garden room bathroom it will be important to have some form of ventilation in the room, which can be through a window or a vent outside. In terms of windows, you could have a thin-width high-level window to bring both light and ventilation into the room. You could also choose to have a larger window which is frosted, to ensure optimal privacy.

The largest piece of glazing you would have in your garden room would be your doors. Most people opt to have bifold or sliding glass doors for their garden room, for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Bifold doors are a great way of bringing in lots of natural light and opening your garden room to your garden. Sliding doors are slightly more restrictive in terms of movement in and out of the garden room, but it allows the same amount of light into the room and can offer a longer stretch of uninterrupted glazed panelling than a bifold.

Of course, it is always important to note that if you find you have too much natural light in your garden room, you can always use blackout blinds or curtains to control the amount of light entering your garden room. In general, it is always best to plan for more light than less light, as it is harder to bring in more natural light than it is to block it out!

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