Coronavirus is changing our lives in a way we couldn’t have imagined a few months ago. For those with underlying health conditions or who are over 70, the threat of covid-19 poses many difficulties in the long term. For some, long term self-isolation may not be practically possible for a variety of reasons. But there are ways garden rooms and annexes can help if you have people in your family who are vulnerable.

For example, if you have an elderly relative and are worried about them self isolating over a long period of time, a self-contained Hawksbeck annexe in your garden could be a solution. That way they can still see members of their family from a safe distance in the garden. It also makes dropping groceries or medical supplies that much easier as they are only a few steps away. At the same time, their garden Annexe can be shielded from anyone coming in or out of their home so that it doesn’t get contaminated.

Equally, if you, your partner or a grown-up child has an underlying health condition and needs to self isolate for a long period of time, this may be difficult if other members of your household need to return to work, nursery or school.

Again, a Hawksbeck Garden Annexe could give you and and your family some options. A Hawksbeck Garden Annexe could be a place where the person with underlying health conditions can self isolate while other members of their family return to work, nursery or school. Again this still allows them to see their family from a safe distance while their garden Annexe remains safe.

Hawksbeck Garden Annexes can be completely self-contained. We can provide fully fitted kitchens, bathrooms, built-in storage and wifi. We use structurally insulated panels (SIPs) which means the garden annexes are incredibly energy efficient, drastically reducing energy bills. We work with some excellent window and door suppliers which offer a range of sizes, coloured frames and door styles. We can offer integrated blinds within the glass panels.

At Hawksbeck, we understand these are hugely difficult and challenging times and we understand what an investment this would be. We will talk you through all the possible options and we will support you through this whole process.

All our projects are personally managed by company owner, Jon Mathew. He will be your sole point of contact and will make sure the garden room is built and finished to your exact requirements. Hawksbeck Garden Rooms and Annexes can be built without the need of anyone stepping foot inside your home and discussions can be made either in person from a safe distance or via video calling.

We all hope that this time will pass and we won’t need to worry about self isolating anymore. We have seen that scientists around the world are working so hard to get a vaccine. If this time does pass and you no longer need to worry about self isolating, your investment in a Hawksbeck Garden Annexe will not be in vain. Its use can be changed into a garden office, gym, art studio or guest accomodation. We all need some extra space to unwind or to work at home.

So please call us to get more information about a Hawksbeck Garden Annexe on 01277 414586.