The summer months are what we all look forward to! For hot tub owners, the cool summer evenings are perfect for soaking in the hot tub with friends or celebrating an engagement, achievement, or special date together. Recently, Hawksbeck have completed a number of garden room projects that provide sheltered outdoor space for hot tubs, and the results have been stunning!

The benefits of having a dedicated space for your hot tub are both aesthetic and functional. It is important to take care of your hot tub and garden space, as both hold great value and need regular attention. Having a hot tub on grass can damage your garden and create a mud patch that will be unsightly should you ever choose to move your hot tub. By placing your hot tub on decking or on a patio space will protect your garden and provide a suitable base to hold the weight of your hot tub without damaging the ground.

With our Ultimate garden room range, we can create a sheltered porch area that provides the perfect area to house your hot tub. Our recent Ultimate garden room project has done exactly that, with a sheltered hot tub area that has towel pegs attached to the outer cladding. Using this hot tub has become more enjoyable in all weathers, with the overhead shelter protecting hot tub goers from the elements, and the garden room space being perfect for getting changed and storing belongings.

Luxury Hot Tub Garden Room
Hot Tub Garden Room in Essex

A hot tub porch area also gives users a choice of lighting options. In most hot tubs, there are submerged LED lights which provide enough light to see whilst using the hot tub in the dark, but also to help set different moods. With a garden room, you can choose to have other overhead lights to provide more light when needed.

You can also choose to have other garden landscaping around your garden room, including a patio with a fire pit. You can just imagine having a dip in the hot tub before sitting around a fire and drying off with friends!

Of course, where your hot tub sits is not the only important area of a garden room. You can have a changing area, social space and a bathroom in your garden room to make your use of the hot tub more enjoyable. It can be frustrating having to run between a hot tub and a house to get drinks, food, use the bathroom or get changed. With a garden room, you can have access to all these things without having to trek across your garden or tread water in the home. This is the same for poolside garden rooms, which provide the perfect changing areas.

If you are considering a garden room this summer, to help create the perfect social space and home for your hot tub, get in touch with the Hawksbeck team today! Call us on 01277 414 586 now.